How To Dress Like Lily Collins

Today I bring you the best tips and ideas of how to dress like Lily Collins (daughter of musician Phil Collins). She's is an English actress, model and writer, well, I think there is no need describing her life, as we all know she's a very talented person, who knows how to act and wear clothes. Collins is not another rock star progeny, as she's got glittering career in Hollywood ahead of her. She's only 25 now, but she has that special style, which makes her look amazing. Whatever she wears, she is always beautiful! She's a total movie star, who knows how to dress. That's why I bring you hers everyday and special event looks. See how you can steal Lily Collins’ style thanks to this Polyvore compilation:

How To Dress Like Lily Collins 2019

Keep it casual from Monday to Friday by wearing a biker inspired black coat, heavy sweater, black skinnies, suede black booties, stunning duffel bag and Wayfarer sunglasses. That's an ideal outfit for those ladies who love relaxed and laid back looks.

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Celebrity Style: Rachel Bilson

Let's welcome American actress Rachel Bilson who is a bright, celebrity style icon. She has that special laid-back look, which is LA-spirited and fashion forward. I want to share with you the best mix and matched outfits which are ideal to style with pretty and eye-catching accessories. She is a sophisticated member of fashion elite who has that modern urban look, which can be finished with boyfriends, cool outerwear and many other stylish pieces. Don't forget about petite starlet red carpet looks, which include cocktail ensembles and long dresses. It's no wonder why she has long been considered to be a fashion trendsetter. She keeps herself clean, supreme and bold. She has found that perfect balance of classy and edgy style which is full of essential staples. Here, I’ve gathered her best style outfits:

Celebrity Style: Rachel Bilson 2019

The black knitted sweater looks perfect worn with muted floral skirt, bold necklace, strappy sandals and Chanel clutch bag with a chain handle.

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How To Dress Like Michelle Williams

Our next fashion icon is Michelle Williams, who is not only a famous movie star, but also a burgeoning face in the fashion world.She looks like she has just stepped out of the pages of a luxe fashion magazine. Most of time we see her sporting timeless designs which look modern and trendy thanks to bright details. I love her style, as she can look the same amazing in casual outfits, as well as in glamour looks, which consist of tight leather mini skirts, leopard print heels and black sweater. Michelle says that she likes wearing slippers more than those glossy red carpet looks. Every outfit looks ladylike and classic thanks to the vintage shapes and creative patterns, including 1940's inspired floral patterns and lace details. There are classy and formal cinched gowns which look remind us of old Hollywood looks. While those ladies who seek for casual attire, then I advice you to try Williams inspired soft blouses, button-up tops or loose-fitting shifts. Michelle favorites are relaxed shorts and blouses, as well as sleek numbers for evenings out which are not tight nor loose-fit.

How To Dress Like Michelle Williams 2019

The floral print piece looks perfect with wayfarers and patent black leather heeled loafers.

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How To Dress Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This article is dedicated to those who always ask themselves: how to dress like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? We've got a perfect Polyvore collection of her daily, business and evening outfits. You are about to see her fashion evolution, which made her look sophisticated and creatively unique. It's true to say, that thanks to the glamourous and slim-fit body shape she can pull off anything, starting from casual separates to golden contrast looks. In other words it's quite easy to divide her style into two sides: where the first one is laid-back look and the other one is red carpet. I personally love her off-duty, laid-back chic looks, which can include slim fit jeans, various height boots (my favorite are knee-highs), leather jackets and figure hugging belted dresses. While the red carpet is a real glamzon, which is all about old School Hollywood basics, like floor-length gowns and cocktail ensembles, plus eye-catching jewelry.

How To Dress Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 2019

That's an ideal street style look, which consists of a black bomber (or you can try on quilted biker design), suede black pants, which can be cuffed and styled with white tee and teamed with suede booties. Speaking of accessories, then I advice you to try on a black duffle bag, which is a versatile piece.

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How To Dress Like Clémence Poésy

Let's face the fact- French people dress creative, original and unique. Today I bring you fashion tips of how to dress like Clémence Poésy. She's a real stunning woman who is the epitome of French style. Just in case, if you don't know her, then she's a French actress and model who is known for her movie role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter nmvie series, yet she gained her popularity thanks to Gossip Girl, where she played the role of Eva Coupeau, Chuck Bass’s new French girlfriend. Anyway, I want you to take a look at the following photos of real Parisian “It” girl, who has that special Coco Chanel touch, which made her look stylish and sweet. I love her for wearing unique outfits, which include tights, tweeds, lady-like silhouettes and chain-strap bags. She can make a super stunning look with simple outfits which are embellished with luxe accessories. Anyway, let's see best Polyvore images to select your favorites:

How To Dress Like Clémence Poésy 2019

Here we see a casual look, which includes a wrap, loose fit cardigan which can be either long or cropped, loose-fit jogger pants and flat pumps.

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How To Dress Like Rita Ora

Please meet spontaneous, bright and creative signer. Today I want to share with you the best tips of how to dress like Rita Ora. She kind of looks and wears garments which look like a mix between M.I.A. and Rihanna styles, but she looks individual and unique. She is a feastie for the eyes, as we see her mixing novelty prints with body-con silhouettes, fun and tailored looks. I personally like that signature look, which comes with fearless and fun touches. She loves colors, loves mixing fabrics, as well as high fashion couture and mass market pieces and street wear basics. Her looks have no boundaries, that's why we can see her wearing printed leggings, chunky heels and oversized tees, in other words, she wears what she wants. She is the master of putting her urban rockstar look together. She is a fan of flat shoes, that's why she appears mostly wearing flat trainers or sneakers. Keep your eyes on the presented Polyvore collections and choose your favorites:

How To Dress Like Rita Ora 2019

Here we see her wearing a Spongebob sweatdress styled with cow print heels.

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How To Dress Like Emma Watson

Today I bring you great compilation of fashion tips how to dress like Emma Watson. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is an English actress, who is famous for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. She has transformed from a smart wizard to fashion muse. Today this talented actress in on our radars. I'd like to share with you her youthful, refined looks which are simple, adoring and beautiful. This post will provide you some awesome tips which will help you to copy some elements of her style and update your wardrobe. You are going to learn some basic rules of her style guide, which features simple but elegant clothes. This girl is well known for sporting fabulous dresses, minimal masterpieces and elegant separates on the red carpet, as well as in the streets. She has a reputation of a lady, who never gives up with her unique style.

How To Dress Like Emma Watson 2019

Here we see her wearing a mannish elegant, formal outfit in black color, which features a white dress shirt and classic, pointed-toe black heels.

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How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey

I think everyone will agree with me, that Lana Del Rey has all the makings of a style icon. Her track "Video Games," is a real awesomeness which made people to follow her style. This singer popularized many fashion trends, including flower crown, the Yankees hat and those swingy fit and flare dresses. There is no wonder why she is self proclaimed "gangsta Nancy Sinatra." In today's post I want to share with you Polyvore combinations which will teach you how to dress like Lana Del Rey. She made it with her own, by creating that special demure, classy look, which consists of 1960's inspired gowns, skinny jeans, 1970's style sweaters and those special 1980's bad girl looks. Well, if you want to look like her, then it's better to follow her hairstyles as well. Just look at those beautiful locks and vintage styles of beehives, middle parted hair and 40's like waves. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at the following clothing styles:

How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey 2019

Keep it simple and versatile, by choosing ripped and cuffed boyfriends and green, cable-knit sweater.

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How To Dress Like Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is the poster girl for Generation Y. Today I want to share with you her best looks and some style tips of how to dress like Rooney Mara. She is well known for David Fincher’s The Social Network, then came Lisbeth Salander, hacker heroine in Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and my favorite Steven Soderbergh’s thriller, Side Effects. Rooney has that special minimalist style, which is hard-edged, razor-sharp and dark. I personally love her looks for brutal appearance and dramatic looks which are striking and statement making. This actress stands out a mile on red carpet shows, thanks to her unique and edgy looks. She is recognized thanks to individual style, which includes minimal dressing, structured silhouette and dark lipstick. I love her wearing cut-out, embellished looks with little make up and classic black shoes. Well, I think she all about individual style clothes, the couture styles. Most of times she appears wearing black or white outfits, yet occasionally with some splashes of red color. Here is my favorite Polyvore collection of actress amazing clothing looks.

How To Dress Like Rooney Mara 2019

Here we see her wearing cashmere white coat styled with cream peep-toe pumps and fringed bag.

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How To Dress Like Shailene Woodley

American actress Shailene Woodley (she is only 22) was born in Simi Valley, California. Her breakthrough was The Descendants (2011), where she played Alexandra King. We ain't gonna speak about her amazing work in the movies world, contrary, I am going to show you best looks from this actress wardrobe. You are about to see awesome looks and some fashion tips of how to dress like Shailene Woodley. As I have already mentioned, she is only 22, that's why she loves experimenting with herself. She has an emerging fashion style of her own. When we see Shailene dressed in everyday clothes, then we see very casually styled lady, who wears garments which make her look unrecognized (plain shirt, cardigan and casual denim pants). As you have already noticed, there is no problem for her to appear in menswear-inspired looks. I personally love her simplistic but chic fashion-wardrobe, which has that special It-girl touch. There are many pretty images, where we see her wearing long pretty dresses, elegant evening outfits, as well as simple tailored dresses and frilly blouses with cool pants. Overall, let's have a detailed look at the following Polyvore images:

How To Dress Like Shailene Woodley 2019

Keep it cool and casual with denim playsuit overalls, red loose-fit tee, lace-up slip-ons in white, casual shoulder bag and pretty gold feather earrings.

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