Celebrities Updo Hairstyles & Haircuts Photo Gallery

Celebs choose Updos. New seasons always come with different hairstyle offerings and this time it’s updo style. I’d like to share with you some of the most beautiful images that reflect beauty and ravishing look of updo hair right away from red carpet. It’s no secret anymore that celebrities set the trends nowadays as they dress up in really hot looks and showcasing amazing make up and haircuts. Here you will see romantic updo hairstyles for your next formal event or for your daily work at the office.

Celebrities Updo Hairstyles & Haircuts Photo Gallery 2019
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The Best Hairstyles From Keira Knightley

Keira’s best Hairstyles. Today, I’d like to share with you Keira Knightley’s most liked hairstyles in which she appeared red carpet. No matter what kind of event she visits, her style is absolutely astonishing: sleek bob, tousled curls, Renaissance romantic styles, long wave of spiral curls, finger waves or even accessorized with flowers. And now, please take some inspirations from the images here below.

The Best Hairstyles From Keira Knightley 2019

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New Hairstyles: Celebrity Sleek & Chic Updos

Perfect Updos. Here is a fresh look to the celebrities sleek and chic updos for this season. Well, you know, that women are constantly searching for the best hairstyles, as they try to underline their individuality. Perfect sleek and chic updos can be perfect weapon for women, as with these hairstyles you will look classy, elegant and hot. Use a bit of hairspray to achieve perfection and then brush your washed locks straight using round brush. Use elegant bouffant chignon to look vintage. Anyway, choosing trendies style, please notice that it’s not easy task, as not all hairstyles can suit you.

New Hairstyles: Celebrity Sleek & Chic Updos 2019
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Natalie Portman Voguish Hairstyles

Today I am going to share with you Natalie Portman's best and voguish hairstyles that wowed everyone as she appeared various events. I like Natalie for her diverse acting career, how she can act differently and so freely, professionally making every movie so outstanding. But let me tell you about her amazing appearance which is so memorable. I love her classic looks from elegant up-dos to glamour waves. Here below you will see Natalie wearing chic, blonde updos, long bangs, sophisticated updos, voguish side parted hairstyle and long, lustrous waves. Let's get inspired by these adorable and classy looks.

Natalie Portman Voguish Hairstyles 2019
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Bridget Moynahan Long Wavy Hairstyles

It's time to take a look at Bridget Moynahan long wavy hairstyle images, which underline actress' beauty and femininity. I personally like that woman and actress for her unique and eye-catching style which drives crazy many men around the world. I'd like to share with you Moynahan the most voguish hairstyles that have been spotted during various formal events and red carpet. My favorites among them are long brunette hairstyles, long layered hairstyle and soft waves (love her copper color that gave her a starlet hairstyle), chin length wavy styles and below the shoulder hairstyle with flaming layers, which is easy to maintain. So, I think it's the right time to get inspired by these in trend long wavy hairstyles.

Bridget Moynahan Long Wavy Hairstyles 2019

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Salma Hayek Long Black Hairstyles

I think you all know Salma Hayek, as she is amazing actress, director and producer who always looks classic, beautiful and feminine. If you are in love with her hairstyles, then let me share with you her pretty long black hairstyles that are definitely eye-catching and always in trend. Here are shown Hayek's minimalistic approach: natural-looking layered 'dos, long shoulder-sweeping curls that are flawless, ombre curls in a voguish variation of the ponytail, long straight layers, long ombre-colored tresses in tousled waves etc. So which one is your favorite, please comment.

Salma Hayek Long Black Hairstyles 2019

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Katherine Heigl Stylish Hairstyles

Today I'd like to share with you stylish hairstyles which were spotted during this year on Katherine Heigl. As you can see she appeared in various styles including amazing transformations from unexpected and daring super short pixie haircuts to classy and elegant chignons. She tried on many great styles, that are so in trend this year. I personally like her hair pulled back or a loose bun, as this style underlines her face shapes which are absolutely stunning. Here you will find plenty of voguish hairstyles that can be styled easy and quite quick. So, if you are thinking of trying a new look, then please take a look at these gorgeous and classic hairstyles done by Katherine Heigl.

Katherine Heigl Stylish Hairstyles 2019
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Reese Witherspoon Long Blonde Hairstyles

Hello there my dear fashionistas! As the new year is already here, then it feels like we want have some fun and changes in our appearance, right? Well, if you don't want drastically change too much your beautiful blonde long hair, but you want something fresh and chic, then I advise you to take a look at Reese Witherspoon latest long hairstyles that were spotted not so long time ago during various special formal events. As you can see, Reese loves long side-swept bangs with heavy curtains of bangs, fringe bangs that form an upside down "u" which are longer on the sides than in the middle. That's on of the most trendiest styles right now. Well, if you want something cool and classic, then Reese Witherspoon has amazing options of gorgeous blonde locks worn over one shoulder, below shoulder hair with and angle layered sides and soft layers.

Reese Witherspoon Long Blonde Hairstyles 2019
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