How To Dress For The Cold: 20 Looks With Pictures

I'd like to share with you my new post called how to dress for the cold. I am going to give you my favorite 20 looks that feature Polyvore pictures. You are about to see awesome outfit ideas that are functional and timelessly fancy. Of course, cold weather pushes us wearing layered apparel, making us looking like Eskimos, but if you will think over your attire adding some clever moves, then I can assure, you will keep yourself in coziness without looking like a mummy. Keep your heads up, as we are going to see various outfits featuring denims, dresses, knits, deer prints, grunge touches, urban easy to wear pieces and many other voguish and feminine everyday wear looks. Here are presented comfortable and layer-friendly essentials that will get you through the coldest weather seasons. Read on to see simple but eye-catching outfit ideas:

How To Dress For The Cold: 20 Looks With Pictures 2019

That's an urban, cozy outfit that features cable knit cream white sweater, knitted beanie, straight worn-effect jeans, shearling jacket, mittens and flat booties.

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Summer Bright Women’s Clothes by Riani

How about wearing summer bright women's clothes? Today I want to bring you a sweet women's apparel collection entitled Portofino Stripes "La Dolce Vita" from Riani brand. You are about to experience black and white patterns, floral print contrasts and splendid, relaxed silhouettes in pale green and salmon red colors. The shown clothes can be worn at work, in the streets and cocktail parties. The overall vibe is vibrant, girlish and sweet.

Summer Bright Women's Clothes by Riani 2019

That's a sweet salmon red dress styled with a floral tote bag.

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Women sportswear fall-winter from Closed

For new season Fall- Winter Italian clothes brand Closed offers a wide range of casual sportswear in styled of 70ies. Here are photos taken from Closed lookbook for new decade. Two models Mona Lueders and William Eustace try on dark denims, stellar knits, university jackets, fur-garments in front of Marco Trunz camera. We hope these sporty garments will make you look special and sophisticated, as you can see how they make these models look differently. All in all, let some athletic touches in your daily wardrobe!

Women sportswear fall-winter from Closed 2019

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