The Emperor 1688 Fall-Winter Essential Women’s Clothes

Make it glamor, elegant and timeless classic. Please welcome The Emperor 1688 Autumn-Winter women's lookbook, which consists of amazing outfit ideas for the upcoming cold season. You are about to view label's strong, business and office appropriate attire made of high quality fabrics and details, as well as fitted silhouettes. If you need classic outfits for your work, then I can assure you, here is gathered everything you need. Every business suit will fit your needs. For those ladies who need good-looking business attire, I recommend you to take a closer view at these perfect formal selections. If your look has to be smart and professional, then these essentials are real must haves for you.

The Emperor 1688 Fall-Winter Essential Women's Clothes 2019

Make it sophisticated and timeless: cape-like jacket in gray, ivory white shirt, high waisted dark navy shorts, pointed toe shoes and fingerless leather gloves.

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Fall-Winter Coats For Women

Women's Coats for this season. Today's topic is titled fall-winter coats for women, that's why we will talk about this season's coat trends. Fashion helps us to enjoy crispy air and bright skies of the fall and chilly days of winter, that's why coats are meant for keeping us warm during these cold time. My mission is to show you what kind of coats are in style this season.

Fall-Winter Coats For Women 2019

Let's start from capes. That's not a coat, yet it's an elegant and luxe option that can be used as an outerwear. What I love about capes, especially modern ones, is the look, that can be classy and trendy at the same time. Take a look at this white Burberry bell cape, it looks dressy and can be used as an evening outing. Take a closer look ar the mustard and checked capes, that can be easily adopted for every day wear. Regarding that burgundy Jason Wu cape, it can be used as for casual or as formal wear.

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90’s Styles in Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort

90’s are back. Marc by Marc Jacobs presents its Pre-Spring collection of women’s resort clothing. Here you will find lots of interesting designs, like ripped polka-dot denimwear, mint green leather tees, dotted natural rubber patent skirts,neoprene sports jackets, fitted puffers, printed crew-neck sweatshirts, shredded jeans, military coats, capes, in abstracted camouflage and mouse-eared pumps.

90's Styles in Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2019

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Fashion Bloggers Street Style: Krystal (ThisTimeTomorrow) in Cape

Dear THE_BFB* fashionreaders, today I would like to introduce you with this lovely fashionblogger ( or self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast) Krystal (ThisTimeTomorrow blog owner). It's not cold outside yet, but you need a cozy wear already. That's why Krystal has chosen lovely cape, which fits her very well. Here is a detail information what's on her:

Fashion Bloggers Street Style: Krystal (ThisTimeTomorrow) in Cape 2019

1) Cape: J. Crew;
2) Jeans: J. Brand for City Year;
3) Shirt: StyleMint;
4) Shoes: Aldo;
5) Bag: Mulberry for Target;
6) Sunglasses: Karen Walker;
7) Jewelry: Michael Kors watch,
8) Alcatraz leather bracelet, Styleliner;
9) J. Crew chain bracelet

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Women’s clothing Autumn-Winter Gucci look book

These clothes and accessories are certainly made for a contemporary female dandy who fuses glamour and beauty, who is attentive to detail and willing to dare. Gucci presents their new Autumn-Winter collection's look book, where you can find coats with fur collars, rever jackets, capes, pant suits, coats, ponchos, culottes, belted tie dresses, trilby hats, double-breasted leather jackets, drape gowns, evening dresses, jumpsuits and much, much more...

Women's clothing Autumn-Winter Gucci look book 2019
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Women Clothes Autumn- Winter from NewLook

Firstly, let me tell you about NewLook! This brand has come a long way since its first store in Taunton (UK) in 1969. They now have over 1,000 stores worldwide, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Russia and Poland. Can imagine how big its now! New Look is one of the most well-recognised fashion brands in the UK, with high spontaneous brand awareness. And what I really LOVE about this brand is that they deliver irresistible fashion at brilliant prices which means more fashion excitement for their customers - more of those 'Wow! Look what I've just found' moments. Here is their new collection of Women Clothes for Autumn- Winter season. Here you can find pictures of nice evening dresses, dresses for everyday, sweaters, coats, capes. I feel the fashion of 70!

Women Clothes Autumn- Winter from NewLook 2019

Women Clothes Autumn- Winter from NewLook 2019