Calaphya Timeless Collection of Feminine Silk Scarves

Hello Everyone, that's me again! Today I want to share with you something feminine, lightweight and luxurious. I am talking about the latest timeless collection of feminine and silk scarves made by high-end fashion brand from California Calaphya. We see very special fine art creations made for everyday life with exclusive artistic prints. You are going to see luxury silk (100% Mulberry Silk (best China silk)) scarves that were made in a collaboration with young and popular Indian digital artist Archan Nair.

Calaphya Timeless Collection of Feminine Silk Scarves 2019

You can wear these scarves in different ways: tying them around your neck, wearing as a shawl or like a head-wrap.

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High End Fashion Tops by CALAPHYA

You are about to view high end fashion tops which are made by CALAPHYA label. The brand's team provides fine art and design tops for ladies everyday wear. I have chosen my personal favorites from the latest collection, which appear to be sophisticated and exclusive. CALAPHYA's products are luxe, generous and made of premium quality fabrics. Each of the showcased styles is the work of art, that's why there are no worries in the quality, as each piece is made of the very best raw materials. Every style which is offered by this brand is unique, exclusive and limited. If you will enter label's website, then you will see which artists are represented by this brand (Archan Nair, Alexander Drozdin and Anna Soustina). Anyway, let's have a detailed look at these precious looks:

High End Fashion Tops by CALAPHYA 2019

Here we see an awesome top with black sleeves and kaleidoscopic print torso, which is worn with leather, patent black trousers.

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