Glamorous Bun Hairstyle Ideas

Hi everyone! This time we are gonna see some glamorous bun hairstyle ideas to try this year. This updo is fun, creative and easy. You can make it look messy and try easy one before work, parties and weekends, or chic and dressy one for weddings and ball events. There are known several styles to try, but every look is unique, since you can add any embellishments or gorgeous make-ups. I am pretty sure you will find the one and only look in this collection. Let's get started:

Glamorous Bun Hairstyle Ideas 2019

If you have somekind of special and very important event, then I highly recommend to try on this back big bun with side bangs. It is meant for women with mid and long hair. Finish the look by adding bold make-up.

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Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair

I want to share with you my favorite messy little buns/ top knots for ladies with long and medium hair lengths. That's an impressive look that makes you look creative and diverse. There are lots of beautiful styles to try, but the most simple and awesome is of course messy little bun. I think it's the quickest and easiest way to look glamorous and smart-casual at the same time. I see lots of hipsters and indie rock lovers who appear at various events with such hairstyle. The position of your top knot is very important, you have to be sure that the back of the head is very smooth.

Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair 2019
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Office-Appropriate Bun Hairstyles

Today, I want you to have a look at some of the best office-appropriate bun hairstyles to try on this year. If you have long locks then you sometimes may have problem styling it in a proper way. Keep it simple and go for a cute, sweet bun that will make you look ladylike and elegant. I have been inspired by some of the latest style trends. So, I want you to take a look and make your choice. If you need an easy hairstyle for the office, then try one of the following ideas down below and let me know what suits you the best. Check out these pretty and professional styles that are perfect for any workplace.

Office-Appropriate Bun Hairstyles 2019

This Braided Bun with back hair is an ideal look for very long locks. I love the way back hair looks with this low bun.

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Easy Bun Hairstyles For Everyday

It looks like bun and top knots will never go out of style. In today's post I want to share with you this year those easy looks for everyday wear. You gonna find here amazing sleek and silky versions, as well as messy updos which are great for work, midday brunches, evening events and even for morning runs. The great secret in making such look is to somehow make your hair look perfect without over-complicating it. Keep in mind one thing: there is a GREAT different between bed head and perfectly styled messy look. Dig it? The below collection consists of hair bloggers inspired looks where are shown different styles and ideas how to make your everyday look ideal and chic. Anyway, all the showcased hairstyles are relatively easy to recreate yourself.

Easy Bun Hairstyles For Everyday 2019
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Weddings Bun And Top Knot Hairstyle Ideas

Getting married soon and trying to find an ideal wedding hairstyle? If you want your hair look elegant and creative during your very special day, then I highly recommend you take a look through these wedding bun and top knot hairstyle ideas for this year. All these styles are perfect for boho, princess, glamour and sophisticated brides. The big day is always nervous, that's why I recommend you to take these ideas into account. If you want to show off your face then you better have your hair up. All the presented looks are simple and look very special.

Weddings Bun And Top Knot Hairstyle Ideas 2019

Another great thing about these creative styles is the versatility for the seasons, as you can wear them through winter to summer weddings. Lots of hair bloggers insist us to try on this elegant and easy to do look for its effortless universality. I personally advice you to take this style into account. Hope you will enjoy my very special collection.

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Hipster Topknot Bun Hairstyles

It's an official hipsters hairstyle. Let's have a look at this cute hairstyle which is every hipster girl must have, yes, I am talking about top knots and top buns. This features a bundle of hair wound into place on the top of your head. It's quite an easy hairdo for anyone, but you should have at least shoulder-length hair to make this look it happen. There are numerous of great versions, starting from simple, sleek, easy and messy ones to braided and pigtail top knots. The easy wearing makes you look flawless. It's the best way to show off your cheekbones.

Hipster Topknot Bun Hairstyles 2019

You can add a casual vibe by making this messy top knot. I love the way it's gathered into messy bun.

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Low Bun Hairstyles (Pictures)

In today's post I want to draw your attention to women's awesome low bun and low knot hairstyles to try on this year. You are going to see great ideas to use at the weddings, work, parties and trips. What is the greatest thing what makes you happy through all day? I think it's an elegant hairstyle that is easy to recreate and that looks beautiful during the whole day, right? What is so special about buns? First of all, they are very practical, that allows you to forget about your look and keep on doing your job, second, it looks elegant and romantic. The funny thing is that everyone thinks this look is quite complex to do, like spending hours in front of the mirror, in fact, it can be done in a few seconds. Anyway, let's see the best options to try on this year:

Low Bun Hairstyles (Pictures) 2019
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Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer Runway

I'd like to present you Zareena spring-summer season's runway show which was presented at Fashion Fowrard Event at Dubai. The show featured models wearing creative slicked up hairstyles with braids and buns. Every single look is creative and extremely sophisticated. The style reminds me of a braided stand up ponytails. Every model appears on the catwalk in slightly bronzed and dewy skin with beautiful shades with no speck of shimmer. Most of models feature oval and long faces, where the eye make up comes with long eyeliners and natural, soft angled brows. The lips are colored in bronze hue, making each lady look extravagant and timelessly luxurious.

Creative Slicked Up Hair With Braids & Buns In Zareena Spring-Summer Runway 2019

Here we see a beautiful oval face shape model with soft angled eyebrows, long eyeliner, bronzed, dewy skin and bronzed lips.

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Bun Hairstyles for Everyday

I think it's the right time to speak about everyday hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous, elegant and pretty in couple of minutes. Hair buns are relevant for several seasons. The bun can be made from your ponytail, you just have to turn the ponytail around the rubber band. The hair ends are usually hidden inside of the bun and are slaughtered with two invisible pins. The bun can be embellished with beautiful hairpins or combs. As a final touch you can fix the hair with a hairspray lacquer. I advice you not to smoothly comb your hair, as you may create a sense of too much sleek hair that will make your hair look untidy. The hair bun style is easy to be done, that's why when you get up early in the morning and you have no time preparing yourself, when you are in a rush for school or work, then this easy and quick hairstyle will be a great option for you.

Bun Hairstyles for Everyday 2019
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Long Prom Hairstyles For Women

It's about Long Prom Hairstyles. So it's your prom day and you are looking for a nice and trendy hairstyle for long hair, am I right? Today, I will share with you some chic and glamour collection of trendy long hairstyles for prom nights. One smart thing you can do is piling your long hair locks on the top of head so you can opt for any style of top knot yet you can pick other styles like bun, updo, ponytail, down do, braids and half up half down ‘dos. As you can see, there are dozens of variations, that are stylish and popular for your special night. My favorite one is down do, as it's exactly the one, which really fits prom nights these days; you can wear it straight and curly, or wavy it looks gorgeous. What if you don't know which one suits you well? My suggest: puck the hairdo that suits your face shape and hair texture and of course your outfit

Long Prom Hairstyles For Women 2019
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