Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair

I want to share with you my favorite messy little buns/ top knots for ladies with long and medium hair lengths. That's an impressive look that makes you look creative and diverse. There are lots of beautiful styles to try, but the most simple and awesome is of course messy little bun. I think it's the quickest and easiest way to look glamorous and smart-casual at the same time. I see lots of hipsters and indie rock lovers who appear at various events with such hairstyle. The position of your top knot is very important, you have to be sure that the back of the head is very smooth.

Messy little bun and top knots for long and medium hair 2019
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Glamorous Bun Hairstyles Model

Today we are going to speak about hair buns. A bun (or bobtail) is a type of hairstyle which looks elegant and timeless. This style is worn by women, where the hair is pulled back from the face, twisted and wrapped in a circular coil around itself on the back of the head. Here is a great collection of this year's glamorous bun hairstyles that are so must have this season. There is no secret, that buns are very attractive, but try to make it not too tight on the head, as you will look like the granny and it may cause headaches. Here below you will find various styles of buns, I personally love the messy buns, as they look very chic and trendy. By the way, creating a chic bun means you are very romantic person, so find out the best options in this cool compilation.

Glamorous Bun Hairstyles Model 2019

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