Find The Best Wrap Dresses To Wear This Season

In today's article, we are about to find out the most flattering street style ideas on how to wear wrap dresses this year. Wrap dress was first designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s, and Claire McCardell in the 1940s (who called her version the "popover"), the silhouette hit peak popularity in the mid-to-late '70s, when Diane von Furstenberg introduced a knee-length, printed jersey version as something flattering, but also sexually liberating. Designers are still showing amazing variations of the wrap dress.

Find The Best Wrap Dresses To Wear This Season 2019

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How to Wear Must-Have Denim Jackets To Look Modern And Fresh

For many of us, warmer weather means a switch to more casual outfits. We still want to look fashionable, though — and layering is one of the best ways to add style to any basic outfit, whatever the season. We're huge fans here of the classic women's denim jacket as an essential layering piece. Worn over a dress or shorts, a jean jacket can elevate your summer outfit, without sacrificing its easy, breezy vibe. On cool summer nights, a denim jacket also makes a great, cozy top layer, whether you're dressing for a date, or going out with girlfriends. Here are our favorite ways to wear a jean jacket this summer, inspired by street style fashion.

How to Wear Must-Have Denim Jackets To Look Modern And Fresh 2019

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Coats for Women Best Trends And Styles

I mapped the coat trends and styles that will be hot in 2018. The coats are a highly-functional wardrobe staple — you've got to stay warm — so it's worth buying a winter coat that you're going to love wearing all season. I've rounded up the top women's coat fashion trends of the year, from wallpaper prints to shearling and everything in between, so you can look your very best all season long. The showcased styles you will definitely want to try this year.

Coats for Women Best Trends And Styles 2019

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Hooded Coats For Women

Functionality is the key! It is always difficult to find something that looks stylish and feels comfortable. In today's blog post we are going to observe outstanding hooded coats for women you can wear during spring, fall and winter times. I tried to gather both stylish and comfortable toppers, so you can easily underline your uniqueness. I tell you honestly, it was difficult for me to find interesting designs, in addition, not every brand makes hooded coats. It can be quite frustrating to find a hooded coat that looks and fits your frame. I've rounded up different styles that are available right now. Why don't you give them a chance this year? I am pretty sure, these sweet coats will make you look great!

Hooded Coats For Women 2019

Here we see a beige-white hooded version that can be a perfect match for work, holidays and brunches.

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Amazing Capes and Ponchos To Try This Year

I decided to make a post about stunning capes and ponchos to try this year. I think these two outerwear garments are going it stay on trend for many years to come. They are available in loads of shapes, cuts, patterns and colors. No matter how much you want to spend, there will always be the one for your budget. Believe me, cape and poncho will make you look fabulous anytime you leave the house. They are often made of thick material, making you feel warm when you throw them on. Believe it or not, but solid color poncho or cape can ideally fit any kind of outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal. If it's hard to move in a thick coat, then you better buy cape or poncho. The great benefit of ponchos and coats is the comfortable driving that allows you to steer and move the wheel without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

Amazing Capes and Ponchos To Try This Year 2019

This black cape completed with fringes looks stunning. As you can see it's paired with white top tucked in vertical striped pants.

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Neons And Bright Florals In Loredana Roccasalva Couture Spring-Summer

I am so happy to share with you Loredana Roccasalva Couture Spring-Summer collection named ORGANIC. The small company LR COUTURE of Loredana Roccasalva was set up in 1995 in Modica in the province of Ragusa, in the Ibleo baroque valley (Italy). The spring collection is full of neon pastel colors and bright floral prints. The shapes, fabrics and length is very individual and exclusive. We see prestigious materials, precious natural fibers with an eye on research and experimentation. The collection is rich in layers of different cultures giving the designer a truly unique approach.

Neons And Bright Florals In Loredana Roccasalva Couture Spring-Summer 2019

I am so in love with this kimono-inspired dress with wide sleeves and floral print. Don't know why, but this look reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

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Andrea Milian Winter Shoes for Women

When was the last time when someone crossing you in the streets was left dumbfounded looking at your shoes? I am talking about luxurious and extremely comfortable footwear. Spanish designer brand Anrea Milian Winter season collection is full of amazing creations, I am talking about half snake-skin and half glossy black booties, chunky sandals, block heel platform booties, dark navy leather booties, light brown boots, black-turquoise boots, etc.

Andrea Milian Winter Shoes for Women 2019

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Statement Coats And Creative Dresses In ENNEMENOUNO Fall

Not so long time ago I was contacted by ENNEMENOUNO brand to view their Autumn collection. You know what? I felt in love with every single piece. I adore the simplicity, relaxed vibes, chunky knitwear and statement outerwear. Every garment can be incorporated with your existing wardrobe. The brand's name means ’N minus 1’ and it represents label's philosophy and spirit.

Statement Coats And Creative Dresses In ENNEMENOUNO Fall 2019

This beautiful skirt-suit will ideally match your working hours. You gonna be the most creative lady in the office.

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Preppy Dandy Girl Is Back: USE UNUSED Fall-Winter Lookbook

I've already shared with you some news from USE UNUSED, I think it was this year's Autumn campaign. In today's post I want you to have a more detailed look at label's Winter season collection, by viewing its lookbook. Looking through these images I came in a conclusion: I see a city dweller, who is preppy, modern, but she likes retro styling. Say hello to a preppy dandy girl!

Preppy Dandy Girl Is Back: USE UNUSED Fall-Winter Lookbook 2019

What do we see here. It's a blush colored double-breasted jacket, what looks a bit bulky, but's ladylike. Don't know why, as it has that mannish touch, what could automatically make it boyfriend's inspired, but thanks to the sweet pastel color it appears to be very LADYLIKE. You can wear it with anything, starting from cool skinnies to this sweet looking skirt.

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1970’s Relaxed Silhouettes In Lucio Vanotti Fall Women’s Collection

For this Autumn season Lucio Vanotti offers an elegant wardrobe of interiors in the soft shades of the late 1970's fashion. These are expressive clothes, what will underline your uniqueness and importance of being yourself. Everything looks pure, simple and relaxed. Anyway, let's have a detailed looks at these sophisticated clothes and find out the best styles to buy for this Fall season.

1970's Relaxed Silhouettes In Lucio Vanotti Fall Women’s Collection 2019

This cream-grey colored coat looks like an elongated blazer. Try it on with wide belt tied at the front side. You can wear this marvelous, exaggerated topper with your favorite floor-sweeping, white-grey trousers and white slip-ons.

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