BRAX Fall-Winter Handbags For Women

Make this Autumn-Winter season elegant, professional and statement by wearing BRAX new women's collection of handbags. You are about to see casual and semi-formal accessories, where some of them look quite biker inspired to me. All fabrics are qualitative and durable. The Fall season comes with structured and minimalist designs with compact interiors which are perfect for those ladies who love carrying only essentials. Here are presented styles which feature impeccable craftsmanship, top handles, shoulder straps, internal pockets, etc. These are your perfect small essentials carriers.

BRAX Fall-Winter Handbags For Women 2019

That's an extremely practical tote.

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BRAX Fall-Winter Men’s Bags

This time I want to draw your attention to the upcoming Autumn-Winter season men's leather goods made by renowned German brand BRAX. You are about to see medium slim briefcases and flight bags. Each piece looks qualitative and practical. I personally love the briefcases, as each of them looks masculine and very businesslike. If you want a confident and sophisticated look, then I advice you to take a closer look at these men's accessories:

BRAX Fall-Winter Men's Bags 2019

Medium slim briefcase.

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BRAX Autum-Winter Women’s High Quality Clothing

Let's see BRAX women's clothing offerings for the upcoming Fall-Winter season. Brand reveals high quality knitwear, checked trousers, jeans, blouses, Houndstooth prints, stars print V-necks, pants and outerwear. By the way, did you know that BRAX comes from Latin word braka, which means trousers. Nowadays, BRAX is a German leader in producing high quality, medium price clothing products. The main focus is set on the product's quality in terms or price, that's why we see a great variety of bottom designs, as well as high quality jersey, button downs and outerwear.

BRAX Autum-Winter Women’s High Quality Clothing 2019

That's a cozy women's cardigan.

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BRAX Autum-Winter Men’s Everyday Clothing Basics

You already know our beloved brand BRAX. Today I bring you men's clothing products which are going to be in trend next Fall-Winter season. Here are presented awesome everyday basics, including camel chinos, jeans in various shades, statement blazers in heavy fabrics, puffer vests and many other interesting products. Every piece is made of high quality Italian fabrics. Love the sporty touch which makes these clothing sets more comfortable and functional. Make this Autumn look elegant, casually elegant.

BRAX Autum-Winter Men’s Everyday Clothing Basics 2019

Sporty Urban versus Elegance. Wear this outerwear for work.

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BRAX Autum-Winter Women’s Urban Dandy Inspired Lookbook

Those ladies who love urban dandy style will definitely like the latest Fall-Winter collection from BRAX brand. What I love about this label, then it's the comfort which has an optimal fit, timeless, confident style and trendy appearance. As you can see from the images below, each product is made of exclusive materials, gorgeous quality and and top-quality workmanship. The best thing about these outfits is they are extremely versatile, as you can wear them for work, leisure time and trips. Each garment comes with an elegant touch of luxury.

BRAX Autum-Winter Women’s Urban Dandy Inspired Lookbook 2019

How about wearing fedora hat with a puffer quilted jacket, grey pullover and plaid slim-fit trousers.

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BRAX Autum-Winter Timeless and Masculine Men’s Lookbook

When I first saw the images from BRAX, I felt like wow and you know why, right? The Fall-Winter season's collection looks timeless, masculine and versatile. Each look has that distinct and sophisticated approach, which makes its wearer stand out from the crowd. It's like the perfect mix of style giving us a trendy Dandy update with city flair touches. The overall look is casual, but it doesn't means you can't wear these clothes at work, contrary, thanks to the practicality and high quality fabrics you can sport these essentials wherever you want. I'd say these are kind of business traveler must-haves, which are meant for those misters who love adventurous trips in their daily life routine.

BRAX Autum-Winter Timeless and Masculine Men's Lookbook 2019

A checked shirt looks perfect teamed with a navy wool jacket. Look at these tortoise circled frames, love them!

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