RARESOME Premium Line Bracelets

Korean jewelry brand RARESOME reveals its bracelets premium line. The following styles are made of high-quality and precious materials. I am sure, each one of these bracelets will underline your uniqueness and personality. I see timeless designs what are ideally fit any outfit, starting from casual to formal and special occasion wear. Thanks to these awesome bracelets you will make yourself look sophisticated and individual.

RARESOME Premium Line Bracelets 2019

RS Poker Face Strap Edition

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RARESOME Bracelets For Stylish People

In today's post I'd like to show you Korean label's Raresome latest collection of bracelets. New collection features precious latin lettering bangles, knitted bracelets and shiny designs. Each piece comes with an original look that is great for wearing teamed with similar bracelet from the same collection. Thanks to each of these gorgeous accessories you will automatically upgrade your everyday outfit. Anyway, let's have a look at these pieces and choose our favorites. Let me know what is your minion style:

RARESOME Bracelets For Stylish People 2019
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Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love

If you want yourself something personalized and bespoke, then I highly recommend you to take a look at these fine jewelry creations from Code Love. Every piece from Code Love is very special made of gold, rose gold or silver. It's all about the subtle art of sharing something beautiful and meaningful. I love the simplicity of almost every piece, as well as heartfelt secret messages that are made thanks to Morse code. You are going to find here stackable diamond rings, wrap leather and semi-precious stone bracelets, as well as semi-precious stone pendants and delicate floating sterling silver and gold necklaces.

Bespoke Jewelery From Code Love 2019

This bracelet will look awesome if you will appear in a blue or green dress. You can add a glamour black bag to the look.

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Yvone Christa New York “Phlox” Jewelry Collection

Please welcome Yvone Christa New York timeless jewelry collection named “PHLOX." You are going to find here luxurious and charming creations. I love the idea of the showcased styles: a small flower with a deep meaning, where a tiny little flower together with its own buddies composes a bigger flower. It feels like we have been transferred into another world with unique garden that is rich of deep thoughts and beautiful details. The following collection includes unique jewelry made of silver and gold.

Yvone Christa New York "Phlox" Jewelry Collection 2019
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Spring-Summer Bracelets By Tateossian

This time I want to draw your attention to the world's leading jewelry and accessories brand named Tateossian. The label was established in 1990 by Robert Tateossian. The latest Spring-Summer collection's name is Carbon Fibre Alulop and consists of amazing bracelets. The Alulop rhodium plated sterling silver clasp features a carbon fibre effect inlay in vibrant colors, finished with genuine Italian Scoubidou leather and rhodium plated sterling silver. Carbon fibre material looks masculine and tough due to its use in car racing (automotive fields: Formula One racing). I love the unique look, which gives its wearer a completely confident look and individual sensibility.

Spring-Summer Bracelets By Tateossian 2019

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RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter

This time I want to share with you Korean label's Raresome handmade bracelets collection for winter season. The line is entitled "Strap Line." You are going to see original accessories that are ideal for wearing with casual and semi-formal outfits. What I do like about these pieces, then it's the quality and individuality that makes them unique and timelessly cool. Korean designer Sungkyu Han offers various braided bracelet styles in different color range, starting from turquoise, pale orange to brown, green and black. Hope you will like this collection the same as me.

RARESOME “Strap Line” Handmade Bracelets For Winter 2019
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RARESOME Winter Christmas Jewelry Edition

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with you Korean designer brand Raresome winter Christmas jewelry edition. Label's designer SungKyu Han offers amazing limited edition creations which concept is modern and classy. I personally love the way SungKyu combined colors with emotional design (love the red and green color knits). Every piece looks great and ideal for teaming with your everyday looks. You are about to see three different bracelet designs made of qualitative wood and metal materials.

RARESOME Winter Christmas Jewelry Edition 2019
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RARESOME Winter “Classic Line” Handmade Bracelets

I have already shared with you Raresome Christmas line and now I want you to take a closer look at these gorgeous winter handmade "Classic Line" bracelets. Each design has an original look that is ideal for wearing at work, as well as formal events. Just imagine yourself wearing one of the following styles. I think you will automatically upgrade your look. We see timeless designs that are perfect for teaming with casual and cocktail attire. Anyway, let's have a closer look at these awesome pieces:

RARESOME Winter "Classic Line" Handmade Bracelets 2019

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Awesome Women’s Gifts For Christmas

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for a very special woman in your life then let me share with you this awesome compilation of cool must-haves for this Christmas. In this compilation I tried to gather the coolest things that will make your woman happy. All the following things are ideal for a grown up woman, so let's see this year's essentials. Look through these great gifts and tell me what's your favorite. I tried to search for universal products, so you don't have to think will these pieces will suit your special lady or not...what you have to do is just buy it. As you can see, each product comes with great details, that's why these presents will suit women from 25 to 50, or even older.

Awesome Women's Gifts For Christmas 2019

Here we see an awesome continental wallet from Jrme Dreyfuss in deep grey calf hair with black spots. This animal spot will underline your woman's uniqueness and individuality. That's a very special piece for your great love.
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Corrado Giuspino Timeless Jewelry For Women

Today's story is Corrado Giuspino- a jewelery designer and master of contemporary accessories. His passion are those 1920s, 1930s and 1940s years, as well as Orient influence, which is seen through pearls, jade, onyx and semi-precious stones. What I love about his works, then it's the professional combination of colors and shapes, where each piece looks unique and creative. His works are well known worldwide. I'd like to share with you my favorite styles, which are perfect for wearing at work and special occasions. Believe me, once you purchase one these stunning pieces, I guarantee, it will make you satisfied for a long period of time. Every customer will find here something special and be happy with.

Corrado Giuspino Timeless Jewelry For Women 2019

These are timelessly chic and cool cocktail earrings for evening parties and special occasions. I think these styles will surely suit your New Year's Eve dress.

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