Fashion Trends: Boots Spring-Summer 2013 For Women

Boots for Summer, Why Not! Today, we are going to speak about the trendiest styles of boots that can be worn this spring-summer 2013 by women. If you are shopping for boots, then darling, I must tell you there are plenty of good choices that you can find while shopping. Let's take a closer look at the trends of this spring-summer 2013 boots for women, so you can choose what really suits you. I have collected the major boots trends that will stay trendy and stylish next seasons as well.

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Color blocking boots. There is no doubt, these color blocking boots look elegant and fashionable. Thanks to their color blocking effect they will go well with various outfits, starting from coats and jackets.

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Stylish Thigh High Boots for Women

When we talk about style, we think of something glamour and must have. Today, I’d like to share with you collection of stylish thigh high boots for women, where you will find winter must have’s. I think you know, that these boots add elegant and stylish look to any outfit. As for me, thigh high boots are thinking to be worn at formal occasions; they’re not casual for everyday.

Stylish Thigh High Boots for Women (1)

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Thigh High Knee Boots For Women

That’s what I call power and glamour. Thigh high boots are so feminine; they reflect women’s passion, beauty and elegance. These boots are suitable for many types of clothing, no matter what’s your style. Most thigh high boots come with high heel, but there are plenty of boots that come with wedge. My favorite material is suede. It adds elegance to the look, but they are mostly worn at formal occasions.

Thigh High Knee Boots For Women (1)

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Cool Stretch Boots For Women

Why women love stretch boots? Interesting question, but the answer is pretty easy. Women wear stretch boots because these shoes shape their legs and make them to look slim. This footwear is made of different materials, stretch boots can be made of leather, suede and other fabrics. My favorite ones are leather, like that one, which you’ll find below: black leather knee high buckled heeled boots, but they are mostly worn at formal occasions. Which is your favorite design, tell me.

Cool Stretch Boots For Women (1)

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Casual Knee-high Boots for Women

I think every lady can’t wait for cold winter, to show off her boots. One of my favorite and lovely style of boots are knee-high boots. These boots really make you look more glamor and elegant. Knee-high boots come in different styles, concerning the feet: they can be flat, high-heeled, wedges. Flat knee-high boots look astonishing with skinny jeans or leggings, so they look simple and chic at the same time. Concerning high-heeled or wedged boots, they look perfect with dresses or mini skirts and tights (you will look elegant and voguish). In 2012 the most fashionable materials are leather and suede. About colors, stylists say this year prints will rock the show. Check out collection of different casual knee-high boots for women below.

Casual Knee-high Boots for Women (1)

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Fashionable Ankle Boots for Women

That’s the glamorous trend I’ve ever seen! Knee-high boots are so fashionable these days. What I like about these shoes, is that they go up to ankle, so they look stylish and comfortable. There are so many styles of knee-high boots, for instance: platformed ankle boots, peep-toe boots, there are even flat ankle boots (like gladiators). Some come with zippers, buckles, with suspenders, some are classic, others are edgy glamour. Some models are suitable for work, others only for evening occasions. This 2012 year the most fashionable ones are – ankle boots with fur, animal prints or zebra stripes. Concerning color, better to choose bold colors, shiny, glittering and colorful.

Fashionable Ankle Boots for Women (1)

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Mid Calf Boots For Women

Before buying yourself boots, first thing is what you do is imagine yourself wearing them with all your wardrobe’s clothes.Nowadays, the variety of styles and designs makes you confused in choosing the right ones. One thing for sure, you have to pay attention to the height of boots: the most favored and essential boot height is knee high boots. They are elegant, chic and fabulous. If you chose that height, then next thing is to find appropriate color: bright colors add beautiful, youthful and nice look. If they are made of sheep wool, then you’ll look a bit vintage. Here, below, are depicted many designs and color, so please take a look further.

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Elegant Rain Boots For Women

So it’s raining and it’s cold outside, if so, then the rain boots is the right solution for you. If you want to buy one of them for yourself, then you will find plenty of styles, materials and colors, which will suit you for sure. As you see below, rain boots can be colorful, which adds fun and girlish appearance. Most of rain boots are made of rubber, they look nice and what is more important- they are comfortable.Below you will find red rubber boots, buckled rubber boots with metal chains, adds a cowboy style, printed rubber boots. So it’s up to you, which boots can suit you.

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