Boho Chic Clothes in Etro Fall-Winter

Etro presented its Autumn-Winter collection of vintage inspired women's clothing during Milan Fashion Week. I personally like that kind of luxurious boho vibe which features almost every look in this show. Models donned charming herringbone coats with stitched detailing, slouchy pants, dévoré velvet dresses, fox-fur jackets, long wool paisley coats. That's a traveling woman wardrobe of the Trans-Siberian train. Thanks to this Veronica Etro's trip from Russia to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan we see all the beautiful creations, that make us wanna buy them all. The color palette is full of deep and dark brown, shimmering gold, gray, burgundy and navy. We see layering techniques, easy, flowing silhouettes, lots of textures, patterns and intricate embroideries. All in all, the latest Etro collection is casual, cozy, confident and vintage.

Boho Chic Clothes in Etro Fall-Winter 2019
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Wild Western and Boho Style in Bendito Pie Invierno Campaign

Boho Cowgirl. Womenswear brand Bendito Pie presents their Inverno collection's campaign, which features so beloved wild west and Boho Chi styles. Fashion model Kelley Ash appears in the mountains of Malibu and Hollywood streets wearing bohemian and western inspired looks with casual and laid back touch. My favorites here are fringed shirts, long cardigans, American flag style boots, faux feather coats and cool hats.

Wild Western and Boho Style in Bendito Pie Invierno Campaign 2019
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