Boho Inspired Dresses You Should Try This Year

I guess it's time to speak about boho fashion. In today's article I am going to share with you incredible bohemian inspired dresses you all should try this year. This style is one of my favorites, as you can be as creative as you want! Plus, you are free to mix up boho with hippie, grunge and rock looks. I don't see any problem why you can't play with different styles by making yourself look more creative, unique and trendy. I always try to have the best of both fashion worlds. What you need is to unleash your inner goddess by finding a perfect boho attire. That's why I am offering you this collection of chic and beautiful boho gowns.

Boho Inspired Dresses You Should Try This Year 2019

We see a dark blue sleeveless maxi gown in muted red heart print. An ideal choice for wearing to music festivals.

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How To Dress For A Music Festival

If you are going to visit a music festival, like Coachella, Dark Star Jubilee, Glastonbury, DelFest, Joshua Tree, South By Southwest, Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Newport Folk Festival or any other events, you better get ready to be dressed cool-as-hell. In this post I want to share with you some of the best Polyvore sets what feature awesome styles to dress for a music festival. I highly recommend to try on something new and unique, take on more relaxed and easy-going, loose outfits.

How To Dress For A Music Festival 2019

Go for a tribal print cape and style it with ripped boyfriends, espadrille sandals, unique accessories and cool pouch bag.

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Boho VS. Grunge Style

Is it boho or gypsy grunge? If you do like bold clothes, then you might like this boho vs. grunge style what is edgy, tomboy and 1970's inspired. This style is all about attitude and rock’n'roll spirit. It has uniqueness what is seen in long fringes, leather, denim, stripes, rips, chunky footwear and awesome accessories. It's like marrying the 1970's with Tomboy looks. If you are not sure what to style with this look, then you might be interested to look through these Polyvore sets and find your favorites. I've put together outfit ideas below using all those details and essentials what give edge and individuality to its wearer. You might find here simple tops teamed with anything from maxi skirts to distressed jeans and cut-offs looking perfect for weekend parties and music festivals. I would love to hear your thoughts about these stunning outfits, please comment below:

Boho VS. Grunge Style 2019

We see a vintage inspired tee paired with light blue denim shorts, cuffed espadrille sandals, tortoise sunglasses, silken scarf and fringed pouch bag.

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Hippie & Boho Chic Dresses

Let's talk about hippies and boho chic girls. In this collection you are going to find beautiful season dresses ideal for boho and hippie lovers. Some of you might say: what is boho style dress, anyway? Well, basically, it's a comfortable, cute frock that can be oversized, cinched at the waist with a large belt and consisting of a flowy top and floor-length skirt. In real life, everything depends on prints, accessories and details. Here are shown sweet creations from the likes of Matthew Williamson, Gimabattista Valli, Andrew Gn, Roberto Cavalli, Red Valentino, Valentino, etc. As you can see from the following compilation, designer brands offer us psychedelic, floral and jacquard prints in long length and loose-fit silhouettes. All in all, hope you will find the one and only design to try it on this year.

Hippie & Boho Chic Dresses 2019
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Bohemian Fashion Trends

If there is any trend that makes everyone happy, then it would be bohemian look. Today I want to show you bohemian fashion trends to wear this year. This is a perfect way to show off your individuality and style. Thanks to summer festivals, boho is an ideal choice of many music festival goers. This trend features some parts from hipsters, free spirited gypsies and hippies essentials. Indeed, the unique look makes these outfits original and youthful. I am going to show you some of the wardrobe must haves to own this year, so get inspired now:

Bohemian Fashion Trends 2019

Keep it awesome with a floppy hat, vintage tunic dress, cool aviator sunglasses, brown belt to show off your silhouette and sweet lace-up booties.

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Boho Chic Clothes in Etro Fall-Winter

Etro presented its Autumn-Winter collection of vintage inspired women's clothing during Milan Fashion Week. I personally like that kind of luxurious boho vibe which features almost every look in this show. Models donned charming herringbone coats with stitched detailing, slouchy pants, dévoré velvet dresses, fox-fur jackets, long wool paisley coats. That's a traveling woman wardrobe of the Trans-Siberian train. Thanks to this Veronica Etro's trip from Russia to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan we see all the beautiful creations, that make us wanna buy them all. The color palette is full of deep and dark brown, shimmering gold, gray, burgundy and navy. We see layering techniques, easy, flowing silhouettes, lots of textures, patterns and intricate embroideries. All in all, the latest Etro collection is casual, cozy, confident and vintage.

Boho Chic Clothes in Etro Fall-Winter 2019
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How To Style: Boho Chic

Let's talk about boho-chic style. Here below you will find some beautiful inspiration for youthful bohemian motive garments. Boho style is youthful fashion for creative people. If you would like to wear and style clothes like a real boho chic girl, then try to mix up hippies, vintage, military, ethnic and rock styles together.

How To Style: Boho Chic 2019
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