What Women’s Short Haircuts Are In Style

It’s an exciting time for trying on something new. I want you to have a look at women's short haircuts which are in style this year. I am going to show you gorgeous asymmetric cuts, voluminous waves, short bobs, vibrant colors and highlights that will surely make you look modern and elegant. Of course, you will get lots of positive attention this year, as each one of these gorgeous looks will undoubtedly put you in a center-stage. It's quite hard to decide making your hair shorter, but there are great advantages in short hair: stronger ends, easy to maintain, less time for styling and many awesome new styles to try. Hope these awesome new ideas will inspire you to make something special for your next hairdresser visit.

What Women's Short Haircuts Are In Style 2019

If you want to make an awesome impression, then try on this asymmetrical bangs and sides black pixie with purple highlights.

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Bob With Retro Wavy Sides & Straight Bangs For A Long Face

Have a look at this sweet, retro inspired bob with wavy curled sides and front heavy bang. I personally like the break up messy side curls of this hairstyle. If you want yourself something special for your long waited prom night or cocktail party, then this retro bob is what you really need. I love the way this fabulous fringe draws direct attention to eyes. The best face shape so far is round, oval, heart and square. So, if you are looking for a new and fabulous hairdo, then go for this eye-catching style.

Bob With Retro Wavy Sides & Straight Bangs For A Long Face 2019
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Top 15 Work Appropriate Bob Haircuts

Sometimes you feel quite boring at work, right? That's why I decided to bring you this top 15 work appropriate bob haircuts to try this year. If you still wondering what haircut to choose, then I will certainly help you out, by offering perfect bobs for any face shapes. This timeless hairdo can worn by everyone. There are lots of modern and fresh takes on this cut. The great thing is the customization that allows you to add various fringes, waves and embellishments to update your new look. and match your personality. Check out these 15 pretty and professional cuts that are perfect for any workplace.

Top 15 Work Appropriate Bob Haircuts 2019

This short bob with side curly hair is perfect for those ladies who want to look and feel youthful. You can wear this version with your favorite skirtsuit or an office dress.

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Messy bob haircut for rounded and heart faces

This classic mid parting bob comes with a messy styling. It's an ideal look for rounded and heart shape faces. Your locks can be layered or wavy, but you have to make a voluminous look that will add a real sophistication to your persona. I personally love the way this haircut features a slightly elongated back. The medium length layers add shape and extra volume, plus the side bangs add a bit of drama.

Messy bob haircut for rounded and heart faces 2019
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Classic bob haircut for ladies over 40

Who says you have to be young to have fabulous looking hair? Age is nothing my dear! Today I want to show you classic bob haircut for ladies over 40. This pretty cut comes with front straight layered bangs and it features an elongated back. That's one of the most popular hairstyles these days. That's a very flattering and feminine look that can be styled in different ways. This gorgeous look is vibrant and fresh, though I personally feel kind of retro touch in this cut. Hope you will be inspired by this amazing dark red look!

Classic bob haircut for ladies over 40 2019
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Bob haircut with side parting for red hair women

The classic bob is a timeless haircut, but thanks to the modern hairstylists we have chance to try on something new and updated. I am here to share with you this amazing asymmetric bob haircut with side parting for red hair women. The best face shape is the round, square, heart or pear one. The hair type can be either thick or thin, in other words, there is no big difference. I personally love the way how the side hair looks, I mean one part is longer than the second one, but you can customize it as you like. There are tons of modern and fresh takes on this look. You can wear it at work, cafes, parties, beach and sidewalks. Hope these images will inspire you to try it sooner or later.

Bob haircut with side parting for red hair women 2019
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Modern Bob Haircuts

If you keep on searching for something new and ideal for your face shape, then why don't you try on one of these modern bob haircuts for this year? There is no difficulties and restrictions for the following looks, as each one of them will greatly suit your face shape. The following compilation features stunning ideas with angled cuts, voluminous looks (which create height at the crown), eye-catching details, as well as classic shapes. Every single look can be updated with waves, natural messiness and other great details, I mean there are diverse styling options. I have spent much time finding these great looks and I hope you will like them the same as me. Enjoy this collection and tell me what are your favorites.

Modern Bob Haircuts 2019

Angled voluminous bob is an ideal style for those ladies who want to try on something unique.

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