Men’s Boat Shoes Spring-Summer

It was quite a long time since I've posted articles about men's accessories, that's why today I'm going to share with you the next spring-summer fashion trend, which will underline men's masculinity and style at the same time, yes, I'm talking about men's boat shoes. The boat shoes continue to be number one in the men's warm season's footwear. Next season comes with classic silhouettes and updated designs, as you can see from the images below we have beautiful shoes from the likes of Guess, Red Tape, Roberto Vasi and many others. Here you will find stylish footwear designs starting from colorful driving-inspired styles to preppy versions.

Men's Boat Shoes Spring-Summer 2019
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Women’s Boat Shoes for Spring-Summer Top-25

Those were right who called boat shoes the most popular shoes of the past summer season. These chic and feminine shoewear was worn with dresses, jeans for different occasions and social events. Love how these shoes were put on with colorful socks or simply on the bare legs.

Women's Boat Shoes for Spring-Summer Top-25 2019

I have good news for you, this summer season boat shoes will be in fashion as well, so if you have no time to wear these gorgeous footwear previous season you have great opportunity to wear it now. You can find these shoes in many shops: they can be in different color and with different heel height: low or high one. I've collected top 25 bright color boat shoes, starting from bright scarlet Miu Miu to violet Saint Laurent boat shoes.

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Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring-Summer

Business printed style with Giorgio Armani. For the next Spring-Summer fashion season Giorgio Armani presents menswear was focused on business wear. In the pictures below you can see fitted jackets, relaxed and billowing silhouettes, dove gray cardigan jackets, sweaters, leather coats, trench coats, double-breasted jackets, cut trousers tapered at the ankle, leather jackets, espadrilles, boat shoes, casual sneakers. Clothes are grounded in navy and black colors, there are stripes, checks and other eye catching prints. I like the check on a sweater that quietly dissolves into ombré and the zigzags fading out on a cotton shirts and pants.

Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring-Summer 2019

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