Women’s pom-pom beanies style looks

For those who like playful and funny styles, this pom-pom beanie will suit just right. It's already 4 decades as pom-poms are in trend, the same goes this autumn-winter season. I personally like wearing pom-pom beanies with easy ensembles in light colors, in order to underline my headwear style. Some like to team these beanies with printed outerwear, like geometric pattern parkas in order to underline their sport style look. The others love wearing pom-poms with short dresses, high heel booties and miniature clutches, to accent everyone's attention on beanie, for a set-off balance. My personal favorite was showcased at Karen Walker Fall-Winter runway show.

Women’s pom-pom beanies style looks 2019

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Circle skirts

For the past few years full skirts have become very popular and many styles are now changing their appearance from strictly feminine and vintage to modern and matching any style. Indeed, it looks like the obsession with full skirts is getting stronger and this summer, fall and next summer season is going to be plenty of popular full skirt variations. Usually full skirts are four to five inches below the knee (as stylists say it's an ideal skirt length), yet there are plenty of shorter and longer versions, so it's up to you which one to choose, if you have curvy shapes then I advice you to try longer versions.

Circle skirts 2019

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Suki Waterhouse Street Style

I think you already heard name Suki Waterhouse, if not, then let me tell you about this cute girl. Suki is a British fashion model who is Bradley Cooper girlfriend, well it's not all for what she's famous for, this girl is a model, blogger, singer and real beauty. Suki Waterhouse is an official face of Burberry Prorsum. She can be spotted at different events, which she attends wearing the latest outfits from well known labels. I personally like how she dresses, it's glamour, not too shiny and really stylish.

Suki Waterhouse Street Style 2019
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Bloggers Style: Candice Lake

Photo and Style. Candice Lake is a real "frog-traveller", she was born in Australia, worked in Milan, New York and Paris, yet now she lives in London. She wokred in jurisprudence, in model business and now she's keen on photographing. She's a bright person and likes to wear bold garments, she always has camera with her. She does images not only because she likes it, yet for her personal blog.

Bloggers Style: Candice Lake 2019

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Bloggers Style: Jules Sincerely

That's the Style. I'd like to share with you lovely images of Mexican fashion blogger Julie Sariñana from Los Angeles and her style. She's the owner of fashion blog called Sincerely. Her own style she describes as Californian, it's colorful, free and bohemian. She always creates looks that are creative, original and chic; I like how she teams up Isabel Marant sneakers, skinny jeans and simple tees, and of course details: sunglasses, bracelets, oversize handbags and amazing necklaces. All in all, Jules knows how to combine every piece.

Bloggers Style: Jules Sincerely 2019

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