How To Style: Statement Earrings

Today we are going to speak about statement jewelery, like earrings. When I see statement earrings I think of luxe and effortlessly rich and sophisticated touch that goes aligned its wearer. These pieces give that jazz touch to any outfit, it's a bold accessory that helps to break the rules and sparkles (no matter if it shines) all way long. If you are attending red carpet event or any other special event, then believe me, these statement and glamorous earrings will rock the show, so do not afraid to don crazy colored stone earrings.

How To Style: Statement Earrings 2019
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1960s Style Clothing – Retro Looks For Women

It's time for 1960's Styles. This year retro style comes back in town, as many designers and fashion retailers pay attention to the styles of the past, offering beautiful and chic outfits. I think you all agree, if I say, that music, culture and fashion are all connected and linked together, that's why every move that comes from every corner inspires each other.The 1960's are the Golden Ages, that reflect freedom, vibration, speed and love. It happened so, that young people refused to look, think and act like their parents did. If we will transform only the past years, like 1960's style, then it will be boring and wrong. Fashion is like history or life, it doesn't stops and moves like a spiral, evolutioning and bringing only modernized things to life. The 1960's trademarks are: plastic jewelery, A-line dresses, bold geometric prints, bright colors, kitten heels and psychedelic prints.

1960s Style Clothing - Retro Looks For Women 2019

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