Berluti Fall-Winter Luxury Menswear

Let's observe Italian brand's Berluti Autumn-Winter collection's runway show which was showcased during Paris Fashion Week. So, the next fall is going to be sophisticated, elegant, tailored and daring. The color palette comes in chocolate, camel, caramel and burgundy Label's designer Alessandro Sartori behind the brand offers clothes for various ages, that's why it feels quite James Bond inspired to me, just take a look at those double-breasted tuxedos, slim three-piece suits, it feels the 007 style, right? I can feel the sporty vibe in those full-legged woolen skiing pants and cool casual sporty trench coats. My personal favorites from the show are checked pattern jackets, razor-sharp trenchcoats and bomber jackets. All in all, new Berluti collection consists of extreme luxury, masculinity, elegant evening looks and innovative outerwear.

Berluti Fall-Winter Luxury Menswear 2019
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The Best Looks from Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week Menswear Shows Pt. 3

Let's continue our trip into spring-summer menswear collections which were showcased during Paris Fashion Week. Givenchy presented three main trends in its latest show, which included eye-catching prints, sport style and 1990's inspired silhouettes. Here you will see reel to reel tape recorders images printed on parkas, basketball shorts, leggings, shirts. I like those colorful stripes, photo prints, cosmic characters.

The Best Looks from Spring-Summer Paris Fashion Week Menswear Shows Pt. 3 2019
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