Gucci Belts for Men

I think stylish men use belts not only for fastening their pants but also to show their style. If you like fashion and you're style addicted, then one of Gucci's belt is what you really need. New collection of Gucci belts comes in lots of styles and designs with different patterns and colors. In Gucci's collection you will find casual belts, formal belts and dressy ones. I like leather belts, they're durable and come with different designs of buckles (I like that GG design). It's time to choose the right belt for you.

Gucci Belts for Men 2019

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Gucci Belts for Women

If you think that accessories are not important for adding to your outlook, then believe me that is wrong idea and you are not right. Thanks to accessories women show their completeness, the elegance and they even feel more confident. Today I'd like to share with you images of one of my favorite women's accessories- belts.

Gucci Belts for Women 2019

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Dior Belts for Men

Some think belts are made only for women and forget about its elegance and how they look on men. These accessories come in different styles, so that outfits are upgraded with new pure style. Nowadays, belt is an essential part of men's look. Today, I'd like to present you Dior's fashionable collection of men's belts. Here you will find lots of trendy modern styles of belts which are made of different materials, like suede, leather and webbing. I think here are depicted all styles, that will suit any occasion. Most of them are made for showing off, but some are thought to hold up trousers.

Dior Belts for Men 2019

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Louis Vuitton Belts for Women

Belt is a very important accessory that fits any dress, suit and looks stylish indeed. Belts add fashionable touches to your whole outfit, they can make your style more modern or classic. That's why, today I will speak about Louis Vuitton's belts. LV belts give special touch to woman's overall look, as they come in different styles, colors and are produced from leather and canvas.

Louis Vuitton Belts for Women 2019

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort

Chic City Girl. Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort is a sophisticated urban playground. Tropical print can be found in day floral, beach floral and evening floral garments. You can feel youthful splash in asymmetrical calf-length dresses, bows and chains worn as necklaces, classic cigarette pants, disco-ready lamé dresses, polka dot short minidresses, skinny belts, evening clutches, lipstick red shorts, zippered tops, pajama suits, romper dresses, knit dresses paneled in black leather.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2019

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Marc Jacobs Resort Collection

Printed Wallpaper Girl. Marc Jacobs Resort collection was inspired by 1960’s wallpaper prints. That’s a retro party dressing: wasp-waisted strapless dresses, shorts suits, printed buttoned-up-to-the-top shirts fastened with military belts, cocktail dresses, striped gray-marl sweaters over hot-pink dresses, short tank dresses, flat sandals trimmed with studs, ballet flats, sneakers.

Marc Jacobs Resort Collection 2019

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