Women’s Sports Apparel To Look Impressive

I have gathered sport style clothing for this season that is really elegant, athletic and impressive. Here are presented beautiful tennis style skirts, cropped tops, bombers, shorts and cool baseball caps. Thanks God, these looks are back in fashion and in everyday wear, as it's the brightest trend so far. I don't think that many of you will ignore it, as I am 100 % sure, that the sport style clothing will be spotted not only in the gyms, but in the streets as well. Nowadays, many celebrities, music bands and fashionistas appear in the streets and different events wearing sneakers, sweatshirts and athletic inspired accessories. We see bright Nike, New Balance and Adidas labels clothes that are worn by different fashion followers. Anyway, here below you will also find some street style looks that will give you inspiration.

Women's Sports Apparel To Look Impressive 2019

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Shopping for Women’s Monochrome Wearing

Today's topic is women's monochrome clothing for this season: leather sandals in black and white, leather jackets, trousers, caps and other accessories. Sometimes it's quite impossible to find an appropriate look so that you look outstanding and eye-catchy. I discovered some interesting pieces that can suit you just right, like this beautiful Topshop's black and white bag, looks modern and urban. As you already dig it, there are plenty of other black and white pieces that look so perfect.

Shopping for Women's Monochrome Wearing 2019
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Hat Trends for Women

Winter's Hat Compilation. Today, I am going to share with you really fashionable collection of women's hat trends. You will have great look, as many designers offer modernized hats that are practical and popular as never before. As you can see below, hats come in a wide variety of colors and types; most popular among them are pom-pom hats, baseball caps, fedoras and trapper hats.

Hat Trends for Women 2019

The sporty look becomes more popular these days, that's why many brands offer fashionable and stylish baseball caps made from leather or felt. If you want some rocking look, then I offer you bright and punchy colors, like green, red, yellow or make it simple, like grey and black.

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Casual Styling in Lucky Brand Winter Campaign

Smart and Casual. Male model David Gandy stars in American label Lucky Brand Winter advertising campaign. David sports relaxed wear emphasizing casual and modern style. Here are shown beautiful and stylish designs of leather jackets, washed jeans, relaxed knitted soft cardigans and printed tees. Pay attention to baseball caps and aviator sunglasses which complete the overall look.

Casual Styling in Lucky Brand Winter Campaign 2019
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Modern Sport Style Wear Autumn-Winter by Lonely Hearts

Loneliness, Happyness. Not sweet, yet wearable. Lonely Hearts reveals its Fall-Winter lookbook of extremely modern sport style wear for women. It's feminine and directional, so that you can wear it where ever you like to. The New Zealand label offers youthful pieces with sporty cuts, feminine shapes and even some lingerie inspired wear collection for autumn channels that wearability into sporty cuts, the direction into effortless shapes, and the femininity into lingerie pieces that are made to be on display. Fashion model Rachel Rutt tries on lots of urban style wear, like leather jackets, high waist pants, interesting dresses, knitted sweaters and baseball caps.

Modern Sport Style Wear Autumn-Winter by Lonely Hearts 2019

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Berlin Fashion Week: Wood Wood Spring-Summer

Wood Wood fashion brand presents its Spring-Summer menswear collection at Berlin’s Fashion Week. This collection was inspired by American heritage, youthful lifestyle, the style of southern California. I like the colors: here are shown bold red and blue, neutral brown, gray and white. Youthful style refers to colleges and universities, so here you can find baseball caps, athletic tees, military style jackets and shorts, loose-fitting raincoats, sport jackets with hoods, totes.

Berlin Fashion Week: Wood Wood Spring-Summer 2019

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Menswear Spring-Summer Givenchy

It's Time for Tropical Surf. New Givenchy's Spring-Summer men collection is light with tropical-flower print. The next spring-summer outing is made with tropical atmosphere with sequins and floral Hawaiian prints with a touch of green. As for me, i wouldn't say i like men in skirts, but I do like tropical atmosphere, bombers, baseball jackets, sweaters, tees, fitted pants, short suits, 'military feel' wear, shorts over leggings, baseball caps, sandals in this collection. Altogether, men's collection looks fresh in ivory and army green.

Menswear Spring-Summer Givenchy 2019

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