2015 Bob Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

Who doesn’t love a bob haircut? No matter, if it's short, layered, textured, there are always great styles to look for. In today's post I want to share with you 2015 bob hairstyles with side swept bangs. The following styles and ideas will fit every face shape and hair type. I recommend you to take a closer look at these sweet set of bangs, which will definitely make you look fabulous and unique. The following bangs add a great finishing touch to your style. I am one hundred percent sure, you will change up your style, once you make one of these sweet bobs. Take it easy and try something cute and fun. Get inspired now and choose your one and only look for the next month.

2015 Bob Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs (1)

We see an office appropriate look that is an attention grabbing update. This is a softly layered bob.

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2015 Short Bob Haircuts with Straight Bang

Keep it short, cool, modern and awesome with these 2015 bob haircuts ideas which feature straight bang. Short hair is all the rage. They are fun, cool and inspiring. In today's post I am going to show you some of the best cuts which will make you look fresh and modern. The great thing about this cut is the versatility. It suits every face shape and hair type. Of course the most popular one is the classic bob, but you can customize it whatever you want: make it messy, avant-garde, asymmetric, etc. Hope these statement looks will inspire you to try on something new.

2015 Short Bob Haircuts with Straight Bang (1)

When it feels like wanna try something fun but classy, then you better go for this chin length sleek version with straight bang. I love the black color. It suits round and square shaped faces.

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Messy one-length bob haircut with layered straight bangs

This messy (shaggy) one-length bob haircut with layered straight bangs is an ideal look for those women who love to be in center of everyone's attention. I love the classic shape of this style. The textured layers make this haircut look perfect on round, heart and diamond faces. Plus if your texture is wavy, then I highly recommend to achieve this look. I love the way this modern style is updated with shaggy touches, but you can customize this haircut with anything you want, starting from pins to headscarves and headbands.

Messy one-length bob haircut with layered straight bangs (1)
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One-length bob haircut with straight bangs for square shaped faces

If you have a square shaped face, then I recommend to try on this adorable one-length bob haircut with straight bangs. As you can see, thick bangs fall from the top of the head towards the eyes. It's a perfect look for those women who want to accent their beautiful and mysterious eyes. The sides are angled towards the face and the length falls right past the chin. If you really want to amaze everyone with your new look, then go for this blonde with ginger hair color. You will get spicy with this pop, sunshine look. It has fun and vintage feel.

One-length bob haircut with straight bangs for square shaped faces

I really felt in love with this A-line shape and blunt bangs. Every detail looks gorgeous.

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2015 Women’s Hairstyles with Bangs

Hello again! I want you to take a look at this 2015 year women's hairstyles which feature amazing bangs, including straight, shortened and side ones. It's only a start of a new year, but it looks like you already want to upgrade your look, right? In this post I am going to show you the best ways to wear fringes. You can try them with short, medium and long hair. Besides, you can also add creative ideas to enhance the charm of your new look, I mean you can go from romantic, fun to glamour and rock and roll styles. I've got some special examples for your inspiration. As you can see, everything depends on your haircut and face shape. I personally love the ones which do not hide your face. Anyway, let's have a look and choose our favorites:

2015 Women's Hairstyles with Bangs (1)

The shortened ones look preppy and fun. Try them on with your professional glasses.

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Voguish Women’s Haircuts With Bangs

Many hairstylists say that this 2014 year is about voguish bangs. It means that we are about to view gorgeous haircuts that feature eye-catching bangs. Some stylists say that this year is about natural, deliberate carelessness and disheveled hairstyle while the others advice us to try clean lines and geometric precision. One thing unites these stylists- bangs. All the stylists say that we should try on different variations of bangs, no matter what kind of haircut you wear. The Best Fashion Blog will share with you all the possible haircuts that feature different bangs styles.

Voguish Haircuts With Bangs  (16)
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Women’s Medium Haircuts with Bangs 2014

The medium length hair has lots of different hairstyle options, than short or long haircuts, that's why if you really want something ideal, unique and original, then it's time to think of cool medium length haircuts. Today I am going to share with you medium haircuts ideas that feature bangs. Everything depends on your face shape and hair structure. This type of haircut can change drastically your appearance, emphasize your face shape and smooth the imperfections.

Women's Medium Haircuts with Bangs 2014 (6)
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Popular Angled Hairstyles For Women

Angled Beauty. What I like the most about angled hair is that this style of hair will suit any kind of hair and face shapes, yet angled hair will suit best short hairstyles. Angled bob hairstyle is one of the most popular ones from the angled hairstyles. It’s usually cut at chin or jawlength. The hair should be slightly longer than the rest and the cut has to be precies. If you have thick hair, then dont be afraid, as angled short hairstyle will give volume and shape. If you have curly hair then the sides should be slightly under cut. You can see celebrities walk with sharp diagonal cuts around the face. What I like the most about angled hair is that you can wear it classically and glamourously with different color.

Angled Hairstyles For Women (3)
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Stylish Bob Hairstyles 2012-2013 for Women

Parisian Beauty. So where do I begin? Oh, yes, let's start from these beautiful and stylish bob hairstyles for women, which are so popular this 2012-2013 year. Bob hairstyles are now so bright, hot and can be made in several lengths and shapes (as seen in photos). This short hair is so popular in most cities of France (including Paris, of course). Depending on your face shape you can choose long bob haircut or shorter one.

Stylish Bob Hairstyles 2012-2013 for Women (2)
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Stylish Bob Haircuts With Bangs 2012-2013 (Pictures)

It comes with Bangs! Looks like this fashion 2012-2013 season going to be terrific, as it comes with this amazing haircut: bob with bangs. With this haircut you will look younger and elegant at the same time. What I like about this haircut is that you can appear at formal occasions, as well as at home parties and you will look gorgeous.

Stylish Bob Haircuts With Bangs 2012-2013 (Pictures) (2)
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