Military Modern Rock Goth Street Style In Balmain Fall-Winter Menswear

Olivier Rousteing behind Balmain presented new Autumn-Winter season's menswear collection. Speaking of inspiration, I see modern goth to royal military luxe touches. You are going to find hints of military looks, as well as motocross and sporty references, but the overall mood is dressy and somewhat slouchy preppy. Male models appear in jackets studded with crystals, slouchy palazzo pants, tight biker skinnies, udo-belted velvet waistcoats, cool beanies, etc. All in all, it's an extravagant collection with right dose of sophistication, vulgarity and preppiness.

Military Modern Rock Goth Street Style In Balmain Fall-Winter Menswear 2019

Glossy black leather quilted jacket looks pretty awesome styled with palazzo black leather trousers. In love with black leather shoes embellished with tassels.

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Balmain Spring-Summer Masculine and Edgy Menswear

Bad boy comes in town in the latest Balmain spring-summer season's lookbook. Label's creative director Olivier Rousteing was inspired by 1970s skiing, motorcycle racing and Formula 1 which were seen in his graphic and energetic looks. I love the way Rousteing incorporated sports with sophisticated details. The key colors of summer are red, black and white- true colors of real racing. I personally see kind of military style, athlete superstar and formal wear combinations in this collection. All the presented looks are ideal for streetwear. All in all, the looks are bold, masculine and edgy.

Balmain Spring-Summer Masculine and Edgy Menswear 2019

That's a cool pale yellow Perfecto worn with casual dusted black top and black jeans.

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Military Style in Balmain Autumn-Winter Rugged Men’s Collection

Please welcome back the military trend of the 1930's and 1940's. I'd like to share with you Balmain Fall-Winter season's menswear lookbook, which features male model Anders Hayward (from Bananas fashion agency). There is no doubt in military addiction in Balmain's latest collections, as I have never seen so many military style clothes in one lookbook. Here are shown sweaters with statement, metallic buttons on collars, heavy shoulders, zip pockets, camouflage pants, uniform blazers with masculine buttons, cargo trousers, statement outerwear etc. So, new Balmain collection is all about military styles with that special rugged European edge and modern touches.

Military Style in Balmain Autumn-Winter Rugged Men's Collection 2019

Heavy aviator jacket is worn with sweater, which features statement, metallic buttons on collar.

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Balmain Women’s Shoes For Spring-Summer

The trend is spotted, this time it's glamorous shoewear collection from Balmain. This spring-summer season is full of trendy ready to wear designs. Creative director Olivier Rousteing behind the brand reveals footwear line, which is all about rock and roll glamor. You are about to see impressive new arrivals, including high heel sandals, boots, stilettos and flats made of luxe fabrics like perforated calfskin, soft suede, python, etc. I personally like the metal detailing.

Balmain Women's Shoes For Spring-Summer 2019

That's a wow effect shoes: cuffed high heel sandals.

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Balmain Fall-Winter Ready To Wear Tribal Influence

Balmain Fall-Winter collection is inspired by the 1990's fashion tribal influence with modern approach. Label's designer Olivier Rousteing keeps his woman sophisticated, free-spirited and global. The woman from Balmain wears military-inspired jackets, oversize motorcycle jackets, utilitarian khaki leather safari jackets, leather pants, cargo pants, opaque leggings, bandeau skirts and deep-blue dresses. Love the way Rousteing focusses on details and embellishments, as we see tribal influenced accessories, like studded chokers, belts, chunky bamboo hoops and bamboo-heeled stilettos. Despite the military and tribal touches, we see kind of jungle vibe, thanks to zebra and leopard patterns.

Balmain Fall-Winter Ready To Wear Tribal Influence 2019
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Balmain Homme Spring-Summer Sharp Menswear

Balmain Homme reveals its Spring-Summer collection's lookbook which features male model Elliot Vulliod. We see relaxed style that is mixed with biker and sport styles. French brand makes the upcoming season bold and rock inspired, as we see cool and edgy Balmain creative director Olivier Routeing’s designs including leather jackets, skinnies, quilted leather shoes, statement pea-coats, biker jackets and loose-fit white sweaters. Love those stripes and emblems, that make these garments look brave and Parisian chic. So, if you are a risky man, who loves go wild and making sudden decisions, then these sharp clothes are made for you.

Balmain Homme Spring-Summer Sharp Menswear 2019
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Balmain Menswear RTW Fall-Winter Smart Dressing Style

Let the military and animal prints into your Autumn wardrobe, as we are about to see Balmain Menswear RTW Fall-Winter collection's lookbook. My personal favorites from the collection are extravagant leather jackets, drop-crotch jodhpur trousers, printed leopard Perfecto jackets, military coats and jackets. So, the next fall is eye-catching, quite feminine (as we see leopard and zebra prints) to me and brave. Here are presented garments of the man who has gone to Africa and now he is back to America for a glamorous night at Studio 54. I personally like the showcased balance and mix, as every piece evokes smart-dressing style. As we have already summarized the safari theme, it's the right time to observe those perfect outerwear and separates. The color palette comes in green, camel, khaki and exotic animal prints. Overall, Olivier Rousteing gave Balmain’s man a perfect wilderness.

Balmain Menswear RTW Fall-Winter Smart Dressing Style 2019
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Balmain Pre-Fall African Safari Theme

Olivier Rousteing behind Balmain showcased African safari theme in the latest Pre-Fall collection. Some other looks were inspired by photographer Peter Beard’s work, like African landscapes. So, the line consists of both casual and glamorous evening appropriate outfits, including safari-inspired Saharan jackets, black tuxedos, fluid jogging pants, cotton sportswear separates, everyday cool track pants teamed with sweaters, mid-calf-length skirts and of course party clothes like nightclubbing long sleeve leather tees, little minis, fur jackets and party inspired separates. Love the army green shades, panther, leopard prints and graphic zebra stripes.

Balmain Pre-Fall African Safari Theme 2019
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Balmain Spring-Summer Casual and Sporty

Hello my Dear Fashion Readers, today I'm going to show you Balmain's Spring-Summer collection's runway show, which was presented during Paris Fashion Week. The brand's creative director Olivier Rousteing was inspired by the 1990's, as we see cool jackets with boxy shoulders, quilted bomber jackets, flouncy hem skirts, leather boiler suits, sweatshirts, and baseball tees. Love the prints, like slinky pinstripes, gingham and houndstooth motifs. The spring season comes with sparkles and bright crystals, as you can see chain belts and other eye-catching motifs. All in all, it's real ready to wear collection as we see casual and sporty clothes, where the silhouette is more relaxed and comfy.

Balmain Spring-Summer Casual and Sporty 2019
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Fall-Winter Rich And Glamour Ready To Wear by Balmain

Balmain Autumn-Winter ready to wear collection's runway show was full of sophisticated, rich and glamour looks. Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing imagined the 1970's in the future, like in 3070, so now you can understand those glamour mixed with disco silhouette looks. Models appeared wearing metallic moiré harem pants, draped sarouel pants, draped silk charmeuse miniskirts, angora knits, belted jackets, one-sleeved sweaters, hip-high suede boots named cuissardes. The show featured rich gold brocade and jewel-like color, embellishments, diamond-shape crystals, quilted leather. It was all about hourglass silhouette extremes.

Fall-Winter Rich And Glamour Ready To Wear by Balmain 2019
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