Women’s Fashion Trends For Autumn-Winter

I want to share with you this Fall-Winter season's women fashion trends which are ideal to combine and mix up with your already existing wardrobe essentials. Well, if you hope to find here something new and never seen before, then I must tell you there is nothing new around, we see mostly comebacks of some classic shapes, retro styles and already seen designs. Of course, there is an impressive modernization of each style, which combines some touches from old fashion. This season, many brands and designers offer us clean lines, sweet sixties, isle prints, post-apocalyptic basics, gorgeous fur looks, monochrome classics, cowboy- western looks, shearling details, wrap outerwear, bright colors use, knitwear, statement turtlenecks and other ready to wear pretty updates. In other words, this year is mostly about wearable fashion which is minimum creative and max commercial.

Women’s Fashion Trends For Autumn-Winter 2019

When I see isle print I think of Christmas, and this year is no exception, try one of these cool sweaters or cardigans with pretty skinnies or cool boots.

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Cos Men’s Modern Clothing Basics For Fall-Winter

This time I want to share with you London-based label COS Autumn-Winter season's collection of men’s apparel. The showcased lineup features versatile and modern basics with great shapes and functional silhouettes. The brand is well-known for its minimal designs, clean shapes and functional men's apparel, that's why we see a wide range of simplistic silhouettes and great proportions. The male model looks sophisticated wearing everyday separates and urban style essentials. I personally love funnel-parkas, teddy parkas and tracksuits. The color palette includes soft earth tones, like camel, olive green, purple, citrine, autumnal grey, charcoal and black. All in all, it's clean, functional and stylish collection with unique shades and textured apparel.

Cos Men's Modern Clothing Basics For Fall-Winter 2019

The male model appears in a camel suit, which is worn with a light pink tee.

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Cos Fall-Winter Modern and Functional Women’s Lookbook

In today's post I want to share with you COS (Collection Of Style) Autumn-Winter season's women lookbook of modern and functional ready to wear apparel designs. As you can see, every look features original details, colors and timeless silhouette, which makes it look innovative and very on trend. Thanks to exploration of original concept, we have chance to see original designs which look classic and modern at once. I hope you will enjoy showcased looks the same as me.

Cos Fall-Winter Modern and Functional Women's Lookbook 2019

Model looks modern and minimal wearing this collarless wood bark color outerwear with a chambray blue knee-length wrap skirt.

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Motivi Autumn-Winter Urban Essentials

This time I want to share with you Italian's label Motivi's Fall-Winter season's lookbook, which includes awesome and trendy apparel styles for modern and self-confident woman. We see ready to wear urban essentials, which are perfect for those ladies who love active and elegant looks. You are about to see dynamic clothes, which are suitable for day and evening wear. I personally love the textures contrasts, strict lines, feminine elements. New season's collection features lots fabrics use, including wool, silk, cashmere and leather. Speaking of color palette, then here we see black, grey, beige and blue shades with splashes of khaki, pink and olive green. The must haves of the fall season are lightweight down-coats and vests, which are ideal for winter wear.

Motivi Autumn-Winter Urban Essentials 2019

Love this light red dress which is embellished with a stunning fur.

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Neiman Marcus Fall-Winter Impressive Campaign

Fashion retailer Neman Marcus is back with “Art of Fashion” campaigns, as we have chance to see its Autumn-Winter season's campaign shots. After almost 20 year break, we see surreal images of gorgeous models who pose in studio images wearing luxe and high quality staples from the likes of Tom Ford, Oscar de La Renta and Valentino. Fashion models Suvi Koponen, Heather Marks, Tian Yi, Lais Ribiero, Soo Joo Park, Mirte Maas, Bruna Tenório, Alana Zimmer, Vlada Roslyakova and Irina Kravchenko look great lush, pony-tail and messy hair in the following image series:

Neiman Marcus Fall-Winter Impressive Campaign 2019

That's a perfect ensemble for women who occasionally attend parties and loud events.

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Saturdays Surf NYC Autumn-Winter Stunning Essentials Lookbook

I had an absolutely amazing experience while browsing the following Fall-Winter season's menswear collection by Saturdays Surf NYC. I love this brand, as it looks like the whole culture and scene is awesome, just look at this line up with great living, working and street wear essentials. We see timeless silhouettes and stunning essentials, like pea coats, work outerwear, pea coats, classic knitwear basics, long sleeve tops, etc. We see also practical swim shorts and everyday T-shirts which are ideal for Holiday trips. In other words, if you something practical, casual and ready to wear, then I highly recommend you to have a look at these staples. Anyway, let's see label's current lookbook images:

Saturdays Surf NYC Autumn-Winter Stunning Essentials Lookbook 2019

The checked hooded outerwear is ideal piece for everyday wear. I advice you to wear it during windy and snowy days.

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This Winter Must-Have Furs in Vogue US September

Russian supermodel Sasha Pivovarova looks gorgeous in the latest Vogue US September shoot entitled 'Call of The Wind'. Sasha looks stunning wearing couture dresses and posing along with husky puppies in the ice landscape set somewhere around Netherlands lakes. So, the main focus of this shoot is set on the fur. Here we see luxe and cozy outerwear designs like those luxurious sheepskin coats, Eskimo capes made of raccoon, fur hats and collars. If you are a boho lover, then you will definitely like the embellished skirts, cozy sweaters, printed blouses and sequined ensembles. In other words, all those fans of real luxury, will definitely find here something special for their selves.

This Winter Must-Have Furs in Vogue US September 2019

Love the fur hat, which looks statement and a bit oversized. The shortened coat is styled with a lace skirt.

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Gräf & Lantz Autumn-Winter “Genesis” Collection

Designers Holger Gräf and Daniel Lantz behind Gräf & Lantz label show us their latest Fall-Winter season's collection. We have chance to see their alluring, elegant and classic material creations, which look quite modern and intelligent. You are about to see awesome, sophisticated designs which are ideal for everyday use. The creative duo work inside their Silverlake, Calif., studio where they make thoughtful and functional, minimal design bags, accessories and home-ware items for men and women. As you can see, Gräf & Lantz creations are colorful and modern items made of leather, wool and canvas with simple lines, sophisticated shapes and unorthodox textures.

Gräf & Lantz Autumn-Winter "Genesis" Collection 2019

That's an ideal shopping bag which is quite spacious and looks perfect with any look.

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Helmaph & Roditus Autumn-WInter Sporty Lookbook

This time I'd like to share with you this Fall-Winter season's lookbook from Helmaph & Roditus brand. The label was established by the Higuchi brother and sister - Kimihiro Higuchi (elder brother) and Ayano Higuchi (younger sister). Each product has an original look which features a voluminous and quite sporty look. I personally love the occasional mesh which is seen in those dark wintry blue and white colors.

Helmaph & Roditus Autumn-WInter Sporty Lookbook 2019

Here we see a hooded jacket which is full of lace embroideries. Love the look, which reminds me of a baroque style.

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Tuk Tuk Autumn-Winter Classic Menswear

What are your most desirable apparel basics? Today, I bring you contemporary fashion label Tuk Tuk Fall-Winter season's classic menswear essentials, which feature daily looks and accessories line with wonderful colors and fits. All the presented clothes are ideal for travels, as each product is made of high quality fabrics with a great emphasis on details and fine tailoring. The following images feature long lasting products that are sourced at a fair price. Love the presented classics with offbeat styles which are inspired by urban living with colorful and unique materials. All in all, Tuk Tuk keeps it as fresh and as individual as possible.

Tuk Tuk Autumn-Winter Classic Menswear 2019

The star printed shirt looks quite versatile, as you can wear it for parties and simply in your daily life.

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