Barbara Lesser Autumn-Winter Sportswear inspired Lookbook

The Los Angeles based designer Barbara Lesser reveals her Fall-Winter collection's lookbook of women's relaxed and sportswear inspired womenswear. That's really a great sportswear collection where you can find artisan hand dye techniques, beautiful dresses, pants and skirts. The Fall collection is made for busy women who want to wear fashionable clothes that are both cool and comfortable. That's a great casual dress collection, which features strong dresses, sweaters, long blouses, jackets and relaxed tops. By the way, those who have weight problems (plus size women) will definitely find some pretty looks that will hide their curves. The silhouettes will suit wide variety of women's body types. All in all, it's a collection of beautiful fashion trends and exciting colors.

Barbara Lesser Autumn-Winter Sportswear inspired Lookbook 2019
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525 america Fall-Winter Stand Out Lookbook

Let's have a look at 525 america Autumn-Winter collection's lookbook, which features so many beautiful and stand out outfits, that I simply felt in love with. Husband and wife Bobby and Marianne Rock behind 525 america offer us a contemporary women's clothing that is made with love and from high quality fabrics. Here you will find cozy hand-knit sweaters ideal for work as well as for home-wear (imagine yourself at work feeling like at home?), statement outerwear, like moto jackets, animal print fur vests and many other knitwear creations. Almost every style is meant for women aged 16-60. Indeed, I personally find this collection stylish and qualitative at the same time.

525 america Fall-Winter Stand Out Lookbook 2019
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by Ti Mo Fall-Winter Art Meets Retro Lookbook

Let me share with you this bright and fresh Autumn-Winter collection by Ti Mo where contemporary art meets retro and timeless style. The winter season features beautiful embroideries, loose cotton jumpers, sweet prints, knitwear, lace dresses and practical fabrics, that are cozy and soft. This Fall collection is entitled as "New Beginning." As label's designer Tine Mollatt explains: "The world is in constant change and it affects us all, one way or another." Designer was inspired by the artists, writers and the intellectuals of the Romantic Period in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. That's a new vintage style which is full of contrasts, simplicity, colors and prints.

by Ti Mo Fall-Winter Art Meets Retro Lookbook 2019
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Set Lookbook Winter Cozy and Sweet

Set goes cozy and sweet in its Winter collection's lookbook, as we see so many on-trend and modern outfits for this cold season wear. Well, it's still not so cold outside, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't prepare for the upcoming freezy and chilly days. The brand offers urban styles that are perfectly tailored and come in various silhouettes, like relaxed, a bit loose-fitted and tight. As you already noticed, the lookbook features a multitude of chic options that come with strong modern flair. Here you will find beautiful printed leggings, military blazers, knitted dresses, chic cardigans, cool graphic sweatshirts, leather skirts, cocktail LBD's, knitted turtleneck pullovers, as well as statement outerwear designs, like edgy biker jackets, military coats, varsity jackets.

Set Lookbook Winter Cozy and Sweet 2019
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Beautiful Outerwear and Cozy Knits in Set Autumn-Winter Campaign

Maya Junger behind Set fashion label has revealed this Fall-Winter collection's campaign, which features urban style, which is confident, casual and sophisticated. I personally love that clean, modern design, which is effortless with a rock attitude. Let's see the campaign's images, which show us the great and perfect side of these garments practicality, look at these street-looks that make every girl look so inspiring, individual and creative at the same time. I'd like to draw your attention on these beautiful outerwear designs, that feature military green trench coats with leather black sleeves, cozy coats, winter short and long biker jackets and of course those pretty and warm knits that appear in knitted dresses, sweaters and cardigans.

Beautiful Outerwear and Cozy Knits in Set Autumn-Winter Campaign 2019
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Amazing Women’s Outerwear in Francesca Zunino Autumn-Winter

Francesco Zunino shares with us her amazing Fall-Winter collection of women's outerwear designs that are modern, practical and creative at the same time. I personally love that Italian craftsmanship that are made of cashmere, linen, silk and leather. The entire ultra-luxury collection is done by hand, that's why I love each of these outerwear garments. Look at these products which have perfect balance between materials, production and price, everything looks "Easy Luxury." Here are showcased many individual and original coats, trench coats, capes and other high quality hand made unique creations. For those who are in search for a nice and elegant outerwear will be amazed by the wide variety of women's jackets and coats made by this intelligent designer Francesca Zunino.

Amazing Women's Outerwear in Francesca Zunino Autumn-Winter 2019
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Maid in Love Fall-Winter Confident and Original Lookbook

Istanbul based designer Hande Çokrak behind Maid in Love reveals her Autumn-Winter collection of women's ready-to-wear ensembles. We have chance to see this young, fresh and fun brand designs which give us individual and original appearance. Indeed, the brand's creations are unique, progressive and are meant for women with self-confidence. Turkish designer reflects tribal touch, printed sweaters, quilted jackets, bright color separates and many other modern and eye-catching looks. I personally like that wide variety of materials and combination of classics and modern cuts.

Maid in Love Fall-Winter Confident and Original Lookbook 2019
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Women’s Retro Cozy Clothing in Eucalyptus Fall-Winter Lookbook

I'd like to share with all of you this adorable and cute women's clothing Autumn-Winter collection by London based label Eucalyptus. The brand offers sweet and pretty retro-inspired outfits that look timeless on girls and women. I personally love those uncomplicated designs, that are perfect for office, school and casual wear. Those who love wearing timeless designs will be amazed by these gorgeous skirts, dresses, cozy coats, bow dresses, floral dresses and many other pretty pieces. This winter is going to be vintage and chic thanks to these wardrobe essentials.

Women's Retro Cozy Clothing in Eucalyptus Fall-Winter Lookbook 2019
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Cozy Clothes in Tulle Fall-Winter Collection

Hello Dear! I'd like to draw your attention on this beautiful collection of women's cozy and comfy clothes that are made by Tulle fashion brand. As you already understood, each of the presented looks is both vintage and modern inspired. The Autumn-Winter collection comes with femininity, creativity and classic touches. Every piece comes with beautiful and simple silhouettes that look great on any woman, so you don't have to scare about your body shape and thinking: will it fit you or not. Each dress and top is designed with great attention to detail.

Cozy Clothes in Tulle Fall-Winter Collection 2019

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Nacho Aguayo Fall-Winter Terrific Collection

Spanish dsigner Nacho Aguayo reveals his feminine and elegant womenswear collection for this Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 season. I will tell you honestly, from the very first sight I already knew that this designer has terrific and luxe creations. I am obsessed with the quality of the showcased creations, just look at the treatment of the fabrics, cuts, silhouettes, just perfect. Here are presented timeless and classic clothing designs that are meant for princesses and the queens. Any woman will definitely find here something special for herself. I think to create such pieces you really have to be a talented designer, that's why we see these precious creations.

Nacho Aguayo Fall-Winter Terrific Collection 2019
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