Top 25 Ankle Boots For Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Hello dear readers, today I bring you this awesome compilation of top-25 women's best ankle boots to try on during Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season. You are about to see relaxed and comfortable options for a downtown-cool vibe, as well as tough, classic moto styles which are ideal to team with skinnies or leather trousers, flared skirts or a cocktail dresses. Well, to be honest with you, there are so many styles, shapes, colors, heel heights to choose from that I simply loose my mind counting them. As the autumn approaches we have to think over our wardrobe looks to choose appropriate styles which will match our knits and cozy layers. We see animal prints, combat touches, dressy ones, embroidered, fringed, graphic, jeweled, patchwork, mannish, furry, sneaker inspired and many other perfect pieces. All the presented designs are ideal for day and night chilly days. You will find best styles which ideally match your personal tastes. Check out my Autumn guide for this season’s wear.

Top 25 Ankle Boots For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 2019

How about these Acne Studios Colt high burgundy rich leather shoes with covered outside zip and sculpted, stacked heel.

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Gucci Spring-Summer Shoes

It's obvious, Gucci Spring-Summer shoe collection is glamor and vibrant. The upcoming season features ankle boots with some stripy patterns, multi-strap sandals, similar to gladiator sandals, as the straps go all the way from toe to ankle. Well, I personally felt in love with those cone heels, open toe, ankle straps. The color palette features green, bronze, black, brown, velvet, golden and blue. I think every girl and lady should love Gucci shoes because of their shapes and colors, that make them stand out the other brands.

Gucci Spring-Summer Shoes 2019
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This Fall-Winter Best Boots For Women

Today we are going to speak about this fall-winter season's best boots for women which look hot, chic and tough at the same time. So, let's have a quick trip into the world of fashion boots. Many brands and designers offer us really impressive shapes, materials, textures, colors and designs with eye-catching heel heights.

This Fall-Winter Best Boots For Women 2019
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Rockstar Style: Women’s Boots For Summer

Today's topic is boots for summer season. The summer boots look is not a must have nor kind of fashion trend which is worn by everyone, it's just a good option for your another casual summer day. Lots of brands and designers offer us different styles of boots, starting from posh heeled ankle boots to grunge looking ones. These boots can turn any girl into an off-duty model or kind of celeb star.

Rockstar Style: Women's Boots For Summer 2019

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Trendy Ankle Boots Fall-Winter

It seems that ankle boots are really comfortable shoes for transitional season, when simple heels are not appropriate to wear and it's too early to wear boots - ankle boots will save your day. That's an ideal decision for those fashionistas, who know what to wear. These gorgeous ankle boots will look elegant with any outfit.

Trendy Ankle Boots Fall-Winter 2019

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Ankle Boots by Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto

Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto ankle boots looks like a real art piece. Look at this floral print and open toe, cut-outs on the front side and back side which comes with high thin heel, looks terrific. I love that trimmed black glossy leather and that zipper fastener on the back. These shoes can be teamed with pencil skirts, bright socks and tops.

Ankle Boots by Nicholas Kirkwood for Peter Pilotto 2019

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Liam Fahy Shoes For Women Autumn-Winter

Glamour Heels. Today I am going to share with you my dear fashionistas the latest Liam Fahy Fall-Winter women's shoewear lookbook of luxurious leather high heels and platforms. If you've decided to buy a mix of the elegant, adventurous and the exotic footwear, then these new styles will be just right for you.

Liam Fahy Shoes For Women Autumn-Winter 2019

For the next Autumn season, Liam Fahy was inspired by the images of 1960's vinyl umbrellas and 19th century Parisian ornate iron-work. I personally like that mix of modern, beautiful, practical and classic touches in the latest collection, which consists of wedges with animal prints, flat slippers, oxfords, high heels in classic shapes and ankle boots with bold metal eyelets.

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The Trendiest Women’s Boots Of Fall-Winter Shows

Women's Fall-Winter Boots Trends. Today's footwear topic is women's best boots for autumn-winter season. It's already spring-summer season and you are in search of nice summer shoes, but please take a quick look at this post, as we are going to talk about next fall-winter season's trendy women's boots. When women try to find trendy shoes, then believe me, you can lose your head, as every girl or woman can go for miles in search of her favorite ones. Why is it so difficult to find the one that makes you happy, it's simple: the boots have to be stylish, beautiful, trendy, comfortable and warmth. Believe me, it's really hard to find the ones that include all these requirements.

The Trendiest Women's Boots Of Fall-Winter Shows 2019

Let's start from above the knee boots. This style for sure will hit next fall season, as many designers featured these boots in their collections.

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Givenchy Spring-Summer Fashionable Women’s Accessories

It feels like...Givenchy. Today, The BFB would likes to share with you Givenchy's Spring-Summer women's accessories collection, which looks a bit unusual: wide metallic collars, ankle boots with transparent inserts, earrings in curved nail forms, love that bellied handbag Givenchy Lucrezia and folder-clutch in red, pink, black and white. Here you will find 15 most fashionable pieces (according to The Best Fashion Blog) from Givenchy's collection.

Givenchy Spring-Summer Fashionable Women's Accessories 2019

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