Coach and Toulouse Grande Host Coach Pups Event

Love Dogs, Love Coach! Not so long time ago, Coach and Toulouse Grande (Ariana Grande’s dog) hosted an event with Coach to celebrate the Coach Pups campaign and announce his participation in the new campaign creative. At the event, pups were able to walk the green carpet, enjoy a gourmet brunch, have their portraits drawn and relax with a dog massage. Of course, the dogs also left with a doggie bag full of treats. The new campaign features Miss Frankie Kerr the adorable four-legged companion of Miranda Kerr, as well as a new visual of Lady Gaga’s Miss Asia Kinney.

Coach and Toulouse Grande Host Coach Pups Event 2019

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Trendy Women’s Accessories by Shopbop

Who let the dogs out? It was Shopbop! The online retailer enlisted dogs to model Spring-Summer accessories campaign. These cute animals pose wearing turquoise sunglasses, handbags and sneakers. Each design is a must-have. As you can see, the result is marvelous and pretty amazing. Each dog looks awesome wearing metallic and neon shades. Here below are presented the best essentials for this warm season.

Trendy Women's Accessories by Shopbop 2019

These two doggies look smiling. Love these yellow and turquoise bags.

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