ADEAM Resort Ladylike Silhouettes

That's a second resort collection for ADEAM and it looks real awesome. In pre-season's collection we see ladylike silhouettes with bulky sleeves, interesting knitwear offerings, conceptual accents, modern details and sportier touches, which are inspired by Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi (Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection via Wikipedia). Brand's designer Hanako Maeda summarized his pre-spring collection as perfection and symmetry versus irregularity.

ADEAM Resort Ladylike Silhouettes 2019

A semi-formal ensemble cinched at the waist features cocoon sleeves and asymmetric cut skirt.

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Adeam Fall-Winter Pure Elegant Touches

From pinks to dark, we are about to view Adeam Autumn-Winter collection's runway show which was showcased during New York Fashion week. Brand's designer Hanako Maeda offers ladylike and relevant looks, that were inspired by Japanese novel "Snow Country" written by Yasunari Kawabata in 1935'ies and the heroine Komako. You are about to see amazing hyper-feminine forms and, as well as the nods to the Western men's-tailoring. Models appeared on the catwalk wearing structured party frocks, pink pleated maxiskirts, silver fox collar belted coats, white shirts with removable gray leather collars, black stretch leather long-sleeve dresses, and notable, flowy navy printed maxi gowns. The color palette comes in icy gray, powder blush pink, white and black. All in all, it's really ready to wear collection with pure elegant touches.

Adeam Fall-Winter Pure Elegant Touches 2019
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ADEAM Spring-Summer Feminine And Flirty

Hanako Maeda behind ADEAM presented her new easy-to-wear spring-summer collection which was showcased during New York Fashion Week. For the next warm season designer was inspired by our mother nature, as she used hydrangeas as the starting point. I personally like the development of that shibori-effect pattern which features Maeda's latest collection. That blown-up biological print appears on feminine A-line cap-sleeve dresses, underneath shorts with sheer fabric underneath. Models sported navy miniskirts, flirty frocks, slim tailored suits, structured wool bra tops. Love that exploration of masculine and feminine, as she offers menswear-inspired silhouettes and clean lines with a tomboy elegance.

ADEAM Spring-Summer Feminine And Flirty 2019
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Adeam Resort Harmonized Wear

Let's observe the latest Adeam resort collection of women's transitional wear. The label's name is created by reversing designer's Hanako Maeda family name. So, the name of the brand respects the old, yet it brings traditions to life through modern voice. Designer harmonized traditions and history bringing true and feminine silhouettes into fashion world. Not so long time ago Hanako Maeda opened her first store in Tokyo, that's why you will find lots of her hometown inspired designs in the latest pre-collection. New pre-spring comes with elegant and chic designs which are both glamour and sophisticated. Here you will find sweeping silk chiffon dress, kimono inspired outfits and shift dresses.

Adeam Resort Harmonized Wear 2019
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Adeam Ready To Wear Fall-Winter Modern Collection

Fall Mood. What will happen if you mix modern day looks with fairy tale, I think the right answer can be found in Japanese designer's Hanako Maeda latest Adeam Autumn-Winter ready to wear collection. She offers cool girl's city looks with a romantic touch, including leather leggings, military coats and pleated shirtdresses with double collar, pretty dresses. Love that special fairy tale appearance of forest and woodsy prints at the background.

Adeam Ready To Wear Fall-Winter Modern Collection 2019

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