Modern Timeless Trends in Spur Magazine

I think it's the right time to remind ourselves about timeless trends which are modernized and offered by various designers this year. In the latest Spur Magazine December issue we see fashion model Abby Williamson shot by photographer Jiro Konami in masculine, hippie, preppy office, grunge-inspired looks. These four styles are already timeless trends, which are mixed up together and offered by many designers. It's interesting to see how brands are reinventing already known fashion garments. I think it's obvious to say, that we live in a century, where old trends are mixed up one with another, emerging new updates.

Modern Timeless Trends in Spur Magazine 2019

Here we see a wool, grey coat worn atop white blouse. That's a stunning, mannish look, which is ideal for those ladies who work in big companies or at the banks.

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