Sporty and Mannish Denim Layered Looks 2014-2015 in Elle Sweden

In the latest Elle Sweden October 2014 issue you can find pretty denim editorial which features model Lara Mullen who appears in sporty and mannish layered looks for this Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season wear. I personalyl love these 1970's inspired clothes with sports influenced touches and special vintage vibes. We see Lara in studio images wearing awesome layers and outerwear from the likes of Cheap Monday, BLK DNM and Levi’s. All in all, keep it cozy during winter cold and snowy days.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (1)

Here we see Lara wearing a pom pom knitted beanie styled with shearling aviator jacket with leather torso which is worn atop printed pullover which is tucked in boyfriends.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (2)

The suede jacket is worn atop red, tailored blazer, chambray shirt, white turtleneck which is tucked in high-waisted jeans.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (3)

Puma hooded track suit jacket is worn atop denim jacket and styled with bootcut denim pants and white sneakers.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (4)

Elle Sweden October 2014 (5)

That's a layered outfit, which features red parka, hoodie, chamrbay shirts, printed tee styled with mannish jeans.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (6)

The heavy wool knit cardigan is worn atop jean shirt, white denim pants and knitted white sweater tied around the waist.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (7)

Elle Sweden October 2014 (8)

That's a cool 1970's inspired mannish work outfit, which includes a knitted beanie, cream brown rucksack and bootcut jeans.

Elle Sweden October 2014 (9)

The bright blue down vest is worn atop cable knit white sweater.

Photographer: Honer Akrawi
Stylist: Josephine Aune
Model: Lara Mullen
Hair Stylist: Dejan Cekanovic
Makeup: Pari Damani

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