Perfect Countryside Nomadic Wear 2014 in Vogue Travel Shoot

Please welcome January's issue of Vogue Travel edition which features an amazing shoot of possible 2014 season's countryside clothing combinations that you can try to wear this year. I tell you honestly, all the presented looks are awesome and worth and easy to wear, as every piece looks comfortable and practical at the same time. We see Estonian model Carmen Kass who sports spring looks that have a real nomadic touch. The blonde is captured against a sun backdrop in the countryside fields. You are about to see Carmen sporting summer collections from many well-known labels.

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (1)

This mannish light brown jacket looks perfect for casual walkings.

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (2)

That's a real voluminous coat with exaggerated sleeves and high collar.

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (3)

How about this creative fringed and asymmetric dark-red, deep V-neck dress which covers dark turquoise blouse.

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (4)

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (5)

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (6)

Carmen Kass in Vogue Travel (7)

Another casual summer wear for windy evenings: A pale brown jacket cinched at the waist with a brown leather belt and styled with fringed dress.

Photographer: Arnaud Pyvka (Walter Schupfer Management)
Styling: Darcy Backlar
Makeup: Adrien Pinault
Hair: Seb le Corroller

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