Nomad Looks 2014-2015 in Vogue Spain

If you love spanning the wilderness of North America and Scandinavia, then I highly recommend you to look through this editorial, which can be found in Vogue Spain November 2014 issue. Nomad look is adventurous style which comes with great ethnic patterns, including Navajo, Fair Isle. I personally love the functional winter layering of this style, which takes its wearer into a great outdoors journey. The following photoshoot features fashion model Bette Franke who is shot by Tob Knott in a studio. Bette looks sophisticated sporting fur layers and vests, knitted dresses, fur trapper hats, cozy knitted tights and knitted turtlenecks. So, if you want to get inspired by modern tribeswomen looks, then I advice you to take a closer view at the following free-for-all patterned looks:

Bette Franke de Viva

That's a stunning look, which includes a furry hat and a cape, shearling lined jacket and tribal accessories.

The fur vest is worn atop knitted one. I advice you to take a closer look at the knitted tights:

Bette Franke de Viva

Furry sheepskin outerwear looks awesome styled with a knitted cardigan and relaxed, white shirtdress:

Bette Franke by Tob Knott for Vogue Spain November 2014  (3)

Here we see a trapper hat styled with fur coat, turtleneck and wrap skirt:

Bette Franke de Viva

Bette Franke by Tob Knott for Vogue Spain November 2014  (6)

The shearling cape looks ideal styled with a knitted knee-length ensemble:

Bette Franke by Tob Knott for Vogue Spain November 2014  (7)

Photographer: Tob Knott
Stylist: Sara Fernandez
Hair: Adam Szabo
Makeup: Marie Duhart
Nails: Huberte Cesarion
Model: Bette Franke

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