Girlish Retro Clothes 2014-2015 in Vogue Netherland

In the latest September issue of Vogue Netherland you can find this sweet editorial named 'Wonderland', where models Jitte Oerlemans and Farhiya Shire appear in girlish retro looks. Both models wear rainbow and pastel colors, which make their outfits look bright and fun. If you want to dress like a sweet, retro, Barbie girl, then this editorial is a useful tutorial, which will perfectly balance your style and natural beauty. As you can see, the following pieces can make you look gorgeous, fun and elegant.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (1)

Here we see a school wear inspired outfit, which includes a dark purple jacket with orange outlines and a floral jacquard pullover worn atop white button-down.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (2)

Love this pale purple double-breasted coat worn atop the same color turtleneck and styled with a miniature clutch bag and snake-skin boots.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (3)

That's a sweet owl printed dress which is ideal for wearing at cocktail parties and weekends brunches.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (4)

Love these lace-up Chanel boots. Thanks to the skinny fit and color they do not look mannish.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (5)

The dark red double-breasted coat looks sophisticated teamed with gold hue boots.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (6)

This ensemble looks like a maid's outfit from the fairy tales.

Vogue Netherland September 2014 (7)

Photographer: Ruud van Empel
Styling: Marije Goekoop
Hair & Makeup: Irena Ruben
Models: Jitte Oerlemans & Farhiya Shire

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