Interview with singer Manou 2019

Hello Everyone! Today I want you to read my interview with British singer Manou, who is a real talented girl, both sings and plays piano. Manou is half German/ half English 17 year old popstrel. Soon she's about to release her debut single Loving You. Meanwhile, let's have a look at the interview:

Interview with singer Manou 2019

When did you know you wanted to be a singer? How did you get into music industry?

I’ve always loved music for it’s ability to express emotions, and have wanted to be a singer ever since I was a child. I started piano and singing lessons when I was seven and never stopped. As I got older I began taking part in the annual summer and winter concerts my music teacher organised, which gave me some early practice in performing. A few years later, as I realised that I wanted music to be my career, I got to know my current manager and the producer Pnut who I have been working with. It is just so much fun, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

It happened so that I found your music on Asos, while looking the videos of clothing. The sounds, beat and voice are great. Tell me, how it happened that you are featuring on asos place?

Thank you very much! Asos was looking for talented artists to promote their items and I was so lucky to be chosen. I actually didn’t know I was on the page until my Asos addicted friend told me about it :P It was such a funny and great surprise!

How would you describe your music style?

I think my music is very pop, summery, with a 90s throwback. I’m a 90s child so it’s the sound I grew up with. My songs I’d say, try to reach people like me, of my generation, where I talk about problems us teenagers face such as first love, experiencing break-ups and facing social difficulties.

Who makes lyrics? Music? Is there any specific inspiration for you?

I write all the lyrics, but we look and work and them together in the studio with my producer, Pnut, and other co-writers to obtain the best rhythms and most catchy tunes.

Describe your working day? How it starts? What's the best time to get up? What's your breakfast?

I always wake up at 7 am and then go jogging with my dog for an hour. I’m not really a big breakfast person, but I can’t do without my fresh pressed orange juice or my earl grey tea. Around 10 am I take my singing lessons to get ready for a busy day in the studio either writing or recording.

Tell us about 'We are' music video, what are the clothes, which you are wearing at basketball hall. How would you describe your personal fashion style?

For the music video I had an amazing stylist who dressed me. I was wearing my favourite colours pink and white, which I think gave a summery, light and almost Lolita feel to the whole video. When I am at home, as I am not a girl who has to be styled 24/7, I usually wear comfortable and relaxing clothes- I particularly love silks, satins and cottons for home wear- but when I go out I enjoy dressing up, choosing accessories, and match the events I attend. For this I get my inspirations through instagram and look book.

Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing?

No, not really. I guess I tend to avoid whatever I don’t feel comfortable in, and perhaps some colours; For instance yellow and green, as I don’t think they are the ones that suit me best.

What are the biggest difficulties in your creative routine?

Hm...One of he biggest difficulties is that once I start my creative routine, I never want to stop. My passion for singing wants me to go on and on...

How you manage with school?

Well, I have just finished school, but when I was studying, I’d always come over to London during my holidays and at the weekends. It was quite fun, balancing those 2 lives!


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