Interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina 2019

I had chance to make an interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina, who makes every woman feel like a goddess from an ancient civilization. She is very individual person, who has her own fashion vision, which is ideal for self-confident women. She has that special sensual and romantic feel, which makes her creations look so special. This September she is going to show her new Spring collection during Nolcha Fashion Week. Anyway, let's see my interview with Valentina.

Interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina 2019

Interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina 2019

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? How did you get into fashion?

I knew I wanted to design ever since I first saw Paris Fashion Week on the TV when I was 8 years old- while my friends were watching cartoons. Since then I began sewing my own clothes because I wanted to look different than everyone around me who was wearing the same thing as a child/teenager.

What's it like being in the industry? Are there any "battles" between designers? Do they spy to use ideas from each other?

Being in this industry there is a constant battle and competition between designers because you have to keep up with the season’s trends while keeping your own recognizable image and integrating something “different” or modern that your competitors have not yet tried. I think a lot of designers refer to each other’s ideas for inspiration but if someone is completely “copying” someone else’s designs, I don’t consider them to be a creative person.

How would you describe your brand and design aesthetic? Tell us about your collections, fabrics use, production.

I have always leaned towards designing something that is comfortable, fluid and draped with a bit of seduction and timelessness. I usually use silk and jersey fabrics which are easy to drape around the body. In terms of production I don’t always make patterns, I tend to drape the fabric around the mannequin because I like to see the finished sample in “3D”. I am currently not mass producing my line and focusing on more customization and specialization pieces.

Interview with fashion designer Mariana Valentina 2019

Where do you go for inspiration?

I usually go to the beach for inspiration. Somewhere near the water where it is quiet.

How much does travel influence your designs and how does that inspiration turn into reality?

Traveling to a foreign place brings new images to my mind…whether it is architecture, landscape, people, music, dance. Once I return home I gather all of these images in my head and transform them onto paper depending on my mood that day.

Is there any place in the world you haven’t been to yet but would like to visit from a professional perspective?

I would love to visit the Arab Emirates. I think my collections would do well in the Middle East.

Describe your working day? How it starts? What's the best time to get up? What's your breakfast? Is it important for you to eat before you work? Or it's just a coffee and you ready to create?

I usually work better late at night. I am not a morning person. During the day is when I take care of things like buying fabrics, meeting with clients, and visiting my seamstresses. No breakfast, I have a late lunch around 4pm, I get home around 7pm and if I am feeling inspired I get to work whether I am sketching a new collection or sewing something for myself. I will then take a break and have a late dinner around 10pm and continue working into the night.

How active is your lifestyle?

I am constantly on the run, whether it is for work or for pleasure. I keep myself busy every minute that I am awake. (I also rarely sleep).

Who do you think is the ideal woman/man of your brand?

I think Queen Rania of Jordan is the ideal woman for my brand. She represents a woman of strength, power, beauty and elegance.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

My personal style reflects the way I design for other people. It expresses my personality in many ways. Everything I wear is fluid, light, comfortable, sensual and timeless.

Can you tell us about your Spring collection?

My Spring collection was inspired by 2 films I saw this year. One part being created from this mystical garden in a magical film where there are vines and trees and flowers growing everywhere, even wrapping onto the people living there. The other parts of the collection were inspired by a Persian warrior princess from the times when the gods were around. I was very moved by the 2 different ideas blending into one. The dreamy and magical garden meeting the powerful and alluring princess represents the woman I dress today.

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