Interview with fashion designer Katty Xiomara 2019

If you want something modern, cute, sweet and elegant, then be sure to check Katty Xiomara collections, which are idyllic and romantic with a great sense of modern touch. What I love about her creations then it's the fluidity and the rigidity which make her silhouettes so delicate and sensual. I had chance to speak with designer and today I want to share with you my interview with Katty Xiomara. Be ready to check out her Spring collection which will be shown at Nolcha Fashion Week this September.

Interview with fashion designer Katty Xiomara 2019

Interview with fashion designer Katty Xiomara 2019

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? How did you get into fashion?

I believe it was as teenager, I made my own dress just to go out with my friends, and later on a few more dresses came along... and then I gained that enjoyable zest of it but at the time I didn't think that would become a great passion.

What's it like being in the industry? Are there any "battles" between designers? Do they spy to use ideas from each other?

There are some battles and high aspirations, as in any profession. Maybe the fact that we are creative make the fight more interesting. But it’s not a big thing just the willing to do more and better.

How would you describe your brand and design aesthetic? Tell us about your collections, fabrics use, production.

The brand's philosophy falls within the concept of author which makes it personal. With an individual strong attitude style and by the romantic spirit. The working structure is meticulous and the constant attention is needed.

My collections are elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic. The merger of the fluidity and rigidity of forms create a very own refined silhouette. The contours are simple but artsy with small details. It's sensual and feminine, defined primarily by mixing patterns, textures and colors.

Where do you go for inspiration?

It is usual to find inspiration in all artistic expressions; music, architecture, cinema, literature, design, etc. I have the notion that I get a lot of influences in many ways and from various places. I like what the past left us subconsciously and therefore I have the tendency to reinvent. The graphic art are also fundamental premise in my work.

How much does travel influence your designs and how does that inspiration turn into reality?

As a designer, I can be influence by any aesthetic or visual detail that I might stumble on a travel. They are the best and most varied source of visual information. Sometimes can be a building, graphics use on signs or posters, used colors, etc.

Is there any place in the world you haven’t been to yet but would like to visit from a professional perspective?

Without a doubt, I think there are many places that even though historically it’s not related to fashion but can feed my aesthetics curiosity.

Interview with fashion designer Katty Xiomara 2019

Describe your working day? How it starts? What's the best time to get up? What's your breakfast? Is it important for you to eat before you work? Or it's just a coffee and you ready to create?

I don't have a very rigid daily routine, but normally I wake-up at 7:00 am and I have my breakfast - café latte, some cereals, bread or croissant-, I leave my daughter at school and then start to work. Around 1:00 pm I’ll have lunch with my family, then for dinner that’s normally at 7:00 pm I like to eat something light and fast and go back to work until 10:00 pm. It’s a long day but a nice meal and a good night sleep are essential for me.

How active is your lifestyle?

In fact my lifestyle blends with my work, because the moments of pause are also a great source of inspiration.

Who do you think is the ideal woman/man of your brand?

A woman who is not afraid to take their femininity and does so with a strong attitude.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

My identity as a designer it's a reflection of my own image. I don't have boundaries between work and my personal life because they blend daily in a natural form.

Can you tell us about your Spring collection.

The new collection theme is “Wireframe”. This collection is retrospective and futuristic mix, always under a very lucid and practical look of urban women. Just as nature, silhouette will bloom throughout the collection to reach the more structured volumes. The colors and materials have the same concept, are smooth but with a sensible dose of intensity. The white is very important and cuts the entire collection, while the black outlines.

To create a new collection we tend to look forward in the sense to predict the near future. Therefore it's inevitable to have something futuristic in our concept. On the other hand we feel the need to look at previous season and confronting our winter collection, seeking a strength that we can dictate the evolution of the next.

The deconstruction of the geometric patterns was our strong point. We agglutinate these figures into analogy of the task of a chocolatier, melting them and creating more organic forms. The color blocks were exposed of their rigidity leaving the structure bare and originating a set of intertwined lines and points, outlined by wavy cut outs that twist the rigidity of straight lines, the result is lighter and subtle offering us an "organic geometry in wire frame", repetitive patterns of undulating geometric proportions by time, the perfect imperfections of nature.

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