Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral 2019

Hello my dear fashionistas. Today we are going to view Dominique Kral's interview for our blog. You will see designer's workplace and her dog, which looks so cute!

Please tell us about yourself and your brand. Why have you decided to become a designer?

This is me…..and my dawg.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

I live in sunny Worthing, 15 minutes away from Brighton. My studio is in my home and everything is made and designed by me, apart from digital printing onto fabric, obviously.

What inspired you to become designer?

I have always lived in a very creative environment, I think I inherited an arty gene.

What did you want to be in your childhood? Was the designer your dream from the very beginning?

I think I always wanted to be a vet growing up, the designer dream was probably always there but in my mind that was an outrageous thing to want to be, being a vet was obviously the way to go, until I was 17 and realised I’d rather be doing art, photography and textiles A-levels, as apposed to Biology and chemistry.

From your point of you, which are the main qualities of a person to become a designer?

Main qualities I think that help a person to become a designer are an obvious creative flair, a good knowledge of style, fashion history and what’s going on currently in the world. Not being scared to try something new, even if it does turn out to be a mistake.
Being slightly unhinged probably helps a lot too.

What is your inspiration that makes you to create collections?

My collections are very much influenced by nature, along with music, films and various fashion trends from any time throughout history.

Which are the most valuable achievements of you? What helped you to achieve your goals: books, people?

My best achievement has to have been winning the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award at Graduate Fashion Week. It was totally unexpected. Then seeing the first celeb wearing one of my pieces, Kimberly Wyatt at the nickelodeon skills awards.
I have always been influenced by the book ‘the art of Zandra Rhodes’ and I have used it to help inspire me and my work since I was around 13/14. Im pretty sure my graduate collection would not have been what it was without my lovely tutors Simon Seivewright (pictured with me a Hilary Alexander) and Andrew Cartwright.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

How do you create/invent concepts for your upcoming/future collections? What inspires you?

I start by looking at images on the web to decipher what kind of look I want to create, looking at current and future fashion trends. The music I’m listening to at the start of creating a collection always seems to have a massive influence in what I create, whether it be the style of music or the lyrics, along with films as well often. I always take loads of photos wherever I go, sometimes just using the camera on my phone if I don’t have my dslr with me. These photos go on to be turned into prints or shapes transferred into the structure of garments.

Can you describe the person who wears your garments?

Anyone with impeccable taste and fabulous style. I think they’d be confident and not scared to wear print or make a statement with chunky or bold knit.

What your working place looks like? What instruments or computer programs are you using during your working process? What materials do you admire?

My work place is awfully messy at the moment but here’s a little pic of my desk, sewing machine area and work table.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

I could not live without my mac, its where I create all my digital prints using Adobe illustrator, photoshop and InDesign. My favourite matereials to work in are leathers, chunky lambs wools,and silks.

What are you currently working on?

Im currently whipping up a range of jumpers for A/W, very late I know, but heres on in process.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

Which Dominique Kral garment is your favourite?

At the moment I think my favourite piece is the print dress from my ss13 collection, Yo Ninja. I’ll definitely be wearing this when summer hopefully comes.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

What is your favourite piece from your wardrobe?

Marks and Spencer’s Pyjamas, without doubt.

What should always be in your wardrobe?

Clothes that make you feel like you. I have loads of clothes I love and think are beautiful but when I put them on I just don’t feel like me. I think its very important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

What brands do you wear in your daily life?

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

What are your favourite magazines, fashion websites and blogs?

Favourite magazines are Elle, LOVE, Hunger, Another. i like too many websites to list, I love flicking through countless blogs looking at images and most of them have something different to offer.

What music style or song is your favourite?

I don’t really do favourites, I have a very eclectic taste in music. Heres a little snippet of what comes on when I switch on shuffle on itunes.

What is your favourite movie?

As with music I don’t think I have a favourite movie, here’s just some of the films I love and can watch over and over.

What is your favourite movie clothing?

Anything from Marie Antoinette, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, Beatlejuice’s suit, any of Ravenna’s costumes from snowwhite and the huntsman and I love the 90’s grunge style from The Craft.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

Please tell us about your favourite place to relax. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Camping in the New Forrest.

Interview with fashion designer Dominique Kral  2019

Please tell us about your hobbies?

Going on adventures, more than likely in the woods, knitting in the sunshine, getting lost in books and films.

What was the best gift in your life?


We would like to know about your future plans. How and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I Plan on Success.


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