Perfect Sunglasses For Everyday Use From Woodzee

Hey, Everyone! it's been a while since my last post. Sorry, I had some busy days at work. Anyway, I am happy to show you something cool and original. What's your must-have accessory when you are planning on heading to the beach or just chilling around the city center during hot weather season? Yes, this accessory is called sunglasses. I received this marvelous style from Woodzee brand. The Playa model comes with a classic shape splash-proof acetate frame and walnut wood arms.

Woodzee Playa Tortoise Acetate  Walnut Wood Sunglasses (1)

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Bright Summer Must-Haves In CULTRO Spring 2016 Collection

Not so long time ago I shared with you brand's CULTRO Autumn collection (here is the link). This time we are about to see its Spring 2016 lookbook. The next summer season was inspired by iconic New York City streetwear. From daytime dresses to sleek jackets and pants, each piece celebrates the diverse nature of every NYC neighborhood.

CULTRO Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

A perfect walks through the streets of NY. A colorful dress will make you look special and modern.

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Vallila Interior: Bold and playful Scandinavian Printed Fabrics

If you are looking for something that will refresh your interior design, then I am more than happy to share with you Finnish brand Vallila Interior contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories completed in bold and playful patterns. The showcased Scandinavian design is inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life. It's one of the most recognizable trendsetters in Scandinavian design. Label's collections are well known for their bold, playful and eye-catching patterns.

Vallila Interior - Bold and playful Scandinavian design inspired by the Finnish landscape and way of life (1)

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1970’s Inspired Outfits In MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

If you are looking for vintage clothing then I highly recommend to take a look through MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 season collection that was inspired by two dance movements from the 1970's: British “Northern Soul Movement” and the “American Disco Scene”, especially the dancers from the legendary TV show: “Soultrain.” The overlapping point of both scenes was soul music.

MESHIT Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

Model appears in a double-breasted chambray suit jacket styled with a pretty pale blue shirt.

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Hipster Inspired Kidswear Basics In Bellerose Fall 2015 Boys Lookbook

Bellerose kids Autumn 2015 collection is full of fun and brightly colored clothes. Belgium fashion label offers amazing outfits with vivacious colors and comfy everyday essentials. Every single piece looks urban, casual and laid back. Your lovely boy can wear these designs anywhere he wants, starting from schools to everyday walks and trips. Each garment is made of high quality fabrics. Personally, I find these clothes to be undeniably cool and hipster inspired.

Bellerose Fall 2015 Boys Lookbook (1)

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Relaxed Sophistication and Streetwear Basics In KIAYA DANIELS Spring-Summer 2016

Emerging Australian menswear designer brand Kiaya Daniels reveals its Spring-Summer 2016 season lookbook. The collection is full of relaxed and sophisticated essentials with minimal detailing and small splashes of peach and turquoise patterning. New season comes with grey undertones, clean tailoring and innovative sportswear approach.

KIAYA DANIELS Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

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Sporty Silhouettes & Creative Prints In Yael Shterenberg Fall 2016

Hello there fashion readers! I am here to share with you an awesome Yael Shterenberg Fall 2016 collection of men's and women's urban outfits. New season's name is 'Cavemen.' It was inspired by some heavily bearded men who walk through the streets of Tel Aviv. You are about to see sporty silhouettes and creative prints. Models appear in heavy shaped outfits completed with hand drawn printed bearded faces of men. Thanks to high quality fabrics (organic cotton, jersey cotton and dry fit materials), new colors, prints and shapes we see incredibly stunning and edgy collection that can be worn from Mondays to Sundays. Every single piece is handmade and one of a kind.

Yael Shterenberg Spring-Summer 2016 (1)

Male model appears in a cool long sleeve T-shirt styled with awesome trousers, while female model dons a long-sleeve shift completed with a bearded man face print.

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Sandrine Philippe Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Collection

Sandrine Philippe’s atelier collections look precious thanks for its unique fragility. This time we are about to see her new Spring 2016 collection entitled 'Urban Animus.' It's full of men's urban looks. There is kind of post-apocalyptic touch in almost every showcased outfit. It is a reference to the process of metamorphosis. The organic nature of the clothes reveals strange materials born of wild animals. The pieces make references to piles of debris, buried under the ashes. The animalistic spirit leaves its traces by creating a link to the past and destruction, thus allowing for a contemporary yet timeless wardrobe. THe whole collection is completed by a new line of spacious bags.

Sandrine Philippe Spring-Summer 2016 Menswear Collection  (1)

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Abstract Prints & Amazing Silhouettes In Norma Kamali Spring-Summer 2016 Collection

Iconic designer Norma Kamali is known for her innovative yet timeless approach to fashion. In today's post I am more than happy to share with you her Spring 2016 season collection that comes with marvelous prints and amazing silhouettes. Why do we love her works? The garments look timelessly modern and extremely versatile. Personally, I like that urban meets elegance vibe that is seen in almost every creation.

Norma Kamali Spring-Summer 2016 Collection (8)

We see a perfect fit-and-flare leopard print sleeveless dress that is worn with strappy black sandals.

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