TSOVET Spring-Summer 2014 Watches

Those men who love minimalistic style will definitely like these watches. TSOVET reveals its spring-summer 2014 collection of elegant and perfect timepieces for this season. You are about to see timeless style and functionality. I personally love the simple yet elegant touch which makes this lineup impressive and must have. The collection includes JPT-NT42 model with rubber strap, as well as SVT-QS40 and the aviator-inspired SVT-RS40. The best thing is that you can wear them for any occasion, starting from formal to casual events. The brand is passionate about designing and building strong watches with original design details and qualitative materials.

TSOVET Spring-Summer 2014 Watches (1)

These ones are very sports inspired.

The two others are very classic:

TSOVET Spring-Summer 2014 Watches (2)

TSOVET Spring-Summer 2014 Watches (3)

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