This is it: Meet me, Leo

This is it! I think it’s time to share with you my kind readers who we are and what we do here. So, first of all my name is Leo and I am one of this blog’s writer and owner :) . I used to do modeling, when I was a young boy)) I do like fashion and everything that concerns it. I speak English, Russian, Latvian, some Italian. Second, thank you for reading and looking through the images, it means you DO LIKE US and it’s the most important thing which drives us and KEEPS ON MOVING FORWARD. I have decided to post images of myself wearing different clothing, hope you’ll enjoy it the same as other posts on THEBESTFASHIONBLOG.COM

This is it: Meet me, Leo 2018

This is it: Meet me, Leo 2018

White Stuff cardigan

Today I'd like to share with you some knitwear styling (as it's already fall now). Here below you will see me wearing White Stuff cardigan (here is similar one), Blend sweater and Cubus sweater (white one). Concerning jeans I wear Jack&Jones ones (Style name: Gate Vintage True Worn).

This is it: Meet me, Leo 2018

BLEND sweater

This is it: Meet me, Leo 2018

Cubus sweater

Photographer: Anatoliy Yashchuk

P.S. If you'd like to share images of your personal styling I will be glad posting it!

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