These Shoes From Velt Fall 2015 Collection Will Make You Look Trendy

White, Black & Blue. Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg behind footwear label Velt presented new Autumn 2015 collection of men's shoes. I am so in love with their blue, white and black color blocking pair that is shown in the images below.

Velt Fall 2015 (1)

As you can see, there are numerous of ways how you can wear these shoes. You can either sport them with track pants or keep things more formal. Velvet offers plenty of contemporary designs made using classic methods. Personally, I am so in love with their results. Each pair looks conservative, prestigious and effortlessly elegant.

Velt Fall 2015 (2)

Velt Fall 2015 (3)

Velt Fall 2015 (4)

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