Modern Gentleman’s Basics by Benson & Clegg 2018

For seventy five years, Benson & Clegg has dressed the modern gentleman from its premises in London’s St James’s. Tailors to His Majesty George VI, Harry Benson and Thomas Clegg created a unique tailoring profile which continues to this day: the clean, square shoulder and profiled waist which over the years has been appreciated by famous customers from Maurice Chevalier to Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones.

Modern Gentleman's Basics by Benson & Clegg 2018

Today, all of Benson & Clegg bespoke suits are handmade at brand's premises in Piccadilly Arcade just off London’s Jermyn Street, complemented by label's unique range of handmade British accessories: buttons, cufflinks, ties and badges. Benson & Clegg is the contemporary face of authentic British tailoring, ensuring that its customers from all over the globe are always dressed for the occasion.

Modern Gentleman's Basics by Benson & Clegg 2018

The Benson & Clegg line of accessories is very much derived from brand's bespoke tailoring heritage. Each one of its cufflinks, ties and badges are crafted with the same level of precision and expertise that goes into a tailor made garment.

Modern Gentleman's Basics by Benson & Clegg 2018

Mark Gordon, the managing director says: "Benson & Clegg stands out other companies in that it is a company with a unique heritage. I believe that our company stands out because it has adhered to its core values and remained true to itself and its history. We have not compromised our dedication to the highest quality in favour of cutting corners to lower prices. We make the highest quality UK made products using skilled artisans, the finest materials, combined with a superlative customer service. The Benson & Clegg name stands as an embodiment of those values which customers can consistently rely on".

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