Men’s Urban Must-Haves In Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday

Dare To Be Different! I've got great news for all of you guys! I am happy to share with you Civil Regime Clothing latest 2015 Holiday collection entitled THE FIGHT WORTH FIGHTING that consists of men's essentials. It comes with a fine balance between the rebel, the athlete and the fighter through well-known styles that are rich in detail.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (1)

Male model appears in a black bomber styled with khaki olive sweatshirt worn atop elongated white top teamed with black jeans and black boots.

Three distinct themes can be combined together creating a very special street style look. The Rebel Revolutionist comes with a refined and calculated approach towards battle to "overcome any obstacle" with a strategically composed aggression in thoughts. It comes with an organized revolt. His methods are critically planned prior to action. Views creating change and to push for a difference. Using symmetry and balanced attributes to its execution. The Rebel Revolutionist ultimately defines fashion through the eye of a futurist. The Athletic style comes with the mindset of "Get Up, Show up, but NEVER give up." He takes losses as lessons learned. Through daily struggle he has become limitless, fearless and conditioned. The Fighter look has been through hell and back and will not hesitate to go again. He is a soldier of the people. It's the fight for a difference, fight for change. Anyway, enough lyrics, let's have a detailed look at some of the best styles from Civil Regime Clothing Holiday line.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (2)

This is a perfect hoodie for long walks around town. Try it on with your favorite ripped jeans and cool sneakers.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (3)

Black hand distressed and dyed looks unique and original.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (4)

Cream-beige urban coat will ideally match grey hoodie, elongated white top and slouchy light blue jeans teamed with brown suede boots.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (5)

Denim thrash sherpa jacket in washed indigo looks pretty awesome styled with simple sweatshirt, elongated white top, black slim-fit ripped jeans and beige suede boots.

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (6)

Civil Regime Clothing 2015 Holiday (7)

Army green jacket looks terrific. An ideal outerwear piece for grunge, punk and urban dwellers.

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