Men’s Suits Trends by Rcano

Let's have a look at Rcano men's suits trends of the season which are summed up by label's designer Rafael Raya Cano. The spring time is coming to its logical end, and it's obvious that trends are changing and its now time for men to stand out and show their masculinity and style. Just like in the 1960, stovepipe pants are back and they are getting shorter and fitter, cropped around the ankle and with a slimmer fit, which makes them look updated and so must have.

Men's Suits Trends by Rcano (4)

Men's Suits Trends by Rcano (1)

The suit is not meant only for the office wear, it has become an object of self expression, where everything depends on its fit, color, print and fabric. If we speak about colors and prints, then the starting point is small patterns or pastel toned shirts, which can look awesome styled with bright colored and shiny suits.

Men's Suits Trends by Rcano (2)

If you love experimenting, and you are an adventurous person, then We advice you to go for printed blazers, starting from plaid to floral. Do not be afraid to pimp your outfit by adding colors and adding a final touch with a printed and colorful bow tie.

Men's Suits Trends by Rcano (3)

Photography: Dino Busch (
Styling: Rafael Raya Cano
Model: Maksim Popov

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