Men Designer Clothing: What To Focus On? 2019

There is no doubt, men around the world are staying away from jeans, t-shirts and sneakers and watching out for more stylish designer labels which not only make a statement, but these clothes are made from good quality material, made to last. Men are starting to realize that the way you dress really matters to what other people think about you and if you are looking for a date then this is something you will want to focus on. Besides that, you just feel a lot better about yourself.

Men Designer Clothing: What To Focus On? 2019

Here are a couple of designers to focus on.
*Michael Bastian - this designer branched off on his own some years ago and decided to focus on what men really need in life on a daily basis. When you see what is on offer you will notice the classic designs with a sense of flair. A lot of people still need suits for work and looking the part for your interview is going to make it go so much better. A tailored suit with smart knitwear is going to make one look so much better.

*Oswald Boeteng - Everyone in London knows of this designer and those in America who are after good designer clothing are starting to hear good things about him as well. Not only is his tailoring great, but he delivers a unique style suited to the new generation. Both Jamie Foxx and Mick Jagger can be seen sporting designer clothing like this. Fabrics are luxurious and sophisticated.

*Keanan Duffty - Duffty moves away from the sophisticated style onto the rock ‘n’ roll look. He has been in the business since 1999 and has always managed to keep up with the times, producing something for the right occasion. Both Justin Timberlake and David Bowie are most likely to be spotted in one of Duffty's designs. To pull this one off you have to have the right sort of personality. For some they would be too chaotic, but for the right sort of person they would look just right. Here, Duffty will do a lot more than just create clothing. He will bring the personality out in the wearer as well as using fabrics that you wouldn't normally see on a daily basis.

*Tim Hamilton - Hamilton has done a lot for American clothing. His main goal was to change conventional clothing around in order to give them a certain flair. The look is somewhat preppy, but definitely masculine. He comes down to the basics here mixing conservative elements like denims and polos with modern designs.

Here are 5 tips to successful fashion:
*When you are looking for shorts, they should be just above the knee with no extra baggage. Don't focus on anything too baggy. Of course, make sure they are not too tight either.
*Go for checks and plaids rather than pinstripes.
*Padding on the shoulders is acceptable
*A three piece will always look good with horizontal accessories like belts and tie bars.
*Think classic and simple with earthy tones.
*Mix patterns according to your personality. This will make your style more unique.

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