Men’s Dapper Style Looks

Keeping it masculine and beautiful. In today's post I want to talk about real men style tips, in other words, I am going to share with you my personal favorites from men's dapper style looks. This style formerly meant to be a gentleman who looks incredibly smart, stylish and sophisticated. If you are reading this, then I might think that you want to achieve the following look in your daily life, at work or special occasions, am I right? I bet I am. So, if you want to get this look, then you can clap your hands, as it's quite simple and not expensive at all. Of course there are several details, which are essential in every dapper's look, so you just have to follow them, but it's not hard at all. First of all, remember to combine elements from 40s, 50s, 60s eras with modern approaches.

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Here we see some essential details of real dapper man. As you can see, there can be nice watches, beautifully colored suits and crispy white shirts. Start with the shoes: pair oxfords, derby shoes or loafers. Keep in mind that it's better to buy leather and waterproof models. Those guys who want sportier look, then I suggest to try military inspired chukka boots. Wear footwear with bright men patterned socks to add a little style and color. Buy yourself a nice suit, which will underline your silhouette. Use pocket squares showing off your individuality. You can always move to jeans, but keep an eye on slim fit in dark washes, get them tailored with blazers and suit coats. Don't forget to buy a nice collection of button up shirts. So, these are real basics, which for sure will help you this year.

Make it simple and try on pale blue shirt, pleated trousers, flat booties, navy tailored blazer, wool fedora, shawl scarf and glossy black shoulder bag:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (2)

You can always choose casual essentials by teaming dark camel chinos with pinstripe button-down, brown leather belt, cool brown shoes and aviator sunglasses:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (3)

Make is sportier and try on beige chinos, navy button-down, knitted brownish blazer and Oxford shoes:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (4)

How about neon blue touches in your outfit (trousers, handkerchief, loafers soles and details) which will ideally fit your cream white shirt and black blazer:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (5)

That's a stunning look, which includes a pinstripe three-piece suit, blue fedora hat, pale blue, mohair wool coat and black-white Oxfords:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (6)

The plaid wool suit looks perfect with checked white shirt and suede flat formal shoes:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (7)

I like the way male model adds a sporty touch to this formal, workwear attire. He wears pale blue shirt, stylish necktie, navy pleated trousers, tote bag, aviator sunglasses and comfortable runners:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (8)

Model off-duty look features a simple black shirt, faded grey, cuffed jeans and slip-ons:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (9)

I like this dandy versus dapper style. Here we see retro inspired wardrobe staples which ideally suit each other:

Men's Dapper Style Looks (10)

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