Me Wearing Bleed Clothing Nordic Terry Sweater Blue

Hello there my Dear readers. Today we are going to see me wearing a high-quality 100% cotton sweater in blue-grey color made by Bleed Clothing brand. Nordic Terry sweater in blue-grey two-tone style comes with a sophisticated look. It's a perfect match for casual days and simple street walks on the town. The integrated pocket with wooden button makes it look sophisticated and versatile.

Bleed Clothing Nordic Terry Sweater Blue (1)

Why do I like it? This sweater can be incorporated with almost everything in your closet. Yes, this is a functional wear that ideally fits your classy jeans and chinos. If you are in search of breathable and comfort apparel what keeps you warm, then Bleed apparel is what you really need. P.S. Sorry for not ironing it. You can buy it online here.

Bleed Clothing Nordic Terry Sweater Blue (2)

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  1. Really like the colour combination of cotton sweater.

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