Maurice Lacroix 40th Anniversary Celebration

Let's have a celebration for Maurice Lacroix’s 40th anniversary. Saignelégier, Swiss Jura based Maurice Lacroix brand presents its provocative, playful and eclectic designs with high quality, reliability and unique authenticity. If you are in search of that very special piece, then let me share with you four bold mechanical and creative watches from Maurice Lacroix. You are about to see innovative designs that respect traditions of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and «passion for progress».

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Iconic. Masterpiece Square. The «Square Wheel», which garnered numerous distinctions, is no doubt the jewel in the crown. To some extent it perfectly symbolizes Maurice Lacroix, an icon of modern watchmaking.

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Innovation. In terms of innovation, Maurice Lacroix has demonstrated time and again its ability to combine both technical and mechanical innovations with perfect aesthetics.
We see sleek and ultra-sporty Pontos S Extreme. Its Powerlite ® case (a patented alloy of five materials) boasts extremely interesting technical properties (it’s three times lighter and two times stronger than steel).

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Glamor. When it comes to attracting women, Maurice Lacroix is not to be outdone.

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Design. Maurice Lacroix is known for its highly intricate designs and it is no coincidence that that the brand has already notched up an impressive total of thirteen Red Dot Design Awards. Daring, balance and perfect finishings run like a unifying thread throughout these pieces.

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