Formal Friday Preppy And Casual Everyday Menswear

Please welcome, new men's clothing brand from Finland named Formal Friday founded by five guys. In today's post we are going to observe their new 2015 collection of men's shirts, blazers, T-shirts and comfy underwear. The brand is led by the most recognized Finnish fashion designer, Teemu Muurimäki , who has formerly designed for brands such as Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. As I understood, Formal Friday is about balance formal and casual style for an effortless look. What makes this brand so special anyway? Formal Friday has two distinctive features in its DNA, what makes them stand out from the other labels. Designers from Formal Friday combine the performance fabrics from adventure sports with fashion for a truly unique comfort, while the online shop innovation makes the selection of right size and fit, what is intuitive, simple and fun. As the brand says, their return rates are close to 0%.

Formal Friday Menswear (1)

Sky blue-charcoal Chromarty shirt has a perfect look for Friday's work and cocktail parties.

Anyway, let's have a closer look at these garments. What really impressed me, then it's the smart design what is versatile, modern and fun. Personally, I see simplicity and quality what is so lacking in 21 century. If you are one of those confident adventurers, whose style is based on charisma, then I recommend you to think of buying one of Formal Friday creations.

Formal Friday Menswear (2)

Fogg Jersey blazer in racing green color. The Merino wool jersey makes this blazer extremely easy and light to wear.

Formal Friday Menswear (3)

The same Fogg Jersey blazer in stone grey color.

Formal Friday Menswear (4)

Proctor white shirt is super light and ideal for summer days.

Formal Friday Menswear (5)

Fix boxer briefs in yellow emperor with black elastic waistband.

Formal Friday Menswear (6)

Formal Friday Menswear (7)

Formal Friday Menswear (8)

In love with inner pattern of their blazers.

Formal Friday Menswear (9)

Formal Friday Menswear (10)

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