Evolv Menswear Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Collection

Please welcome Indian contemporary menswear fashion brand Evolv, which shares with us stylish wardrobe essentials for modern and young men, who love to wear unique and original garments. New collection offers a wide range of day and evening looks, which are ideal for various occasions wear. Here are presented tailored shirts, beautiful waistcoats, jackets, suits which are inspired by traditional Indian textiles and combine two cultures, which includes India's architecture and Western style. I love the innovative use of fabrics, embroideries and textures. Each garment compliments wearer's silhouette and updates gives that special modern touch.

Evolv Menswear (1)

Evolv Menswear (2)

How about eye-catching print trousers.

Evolv Menswear (3)

Evolv Menswear (4)

Here we see a stylish suit jacket paired with wool waistcoat, tunic button-down and fitted pants.

Evolv Menswear (5)

Another statement shirt is worn with slim-fit trousers.

Evolv Menswear (6)

A collarless shirt is paired with Box Jaali Printed Churdar pants.

Evolv Menswear (7)

How about pairing statement stole scarf with your favorite pullover and cargo camel chinos.

Evolv Menswear (8)

Digital print tunic shirt is a real must have for modern hipsters.

Evolv Menswear (9)

Digital print shirt looks awesome with a velvet jacket.

Evolv Menswear (10)

How about pairing the tunic button down with your favorite navy blazer.

Evolv Menswear (11)

Evolv Menswear (12)

Men's tunic button down will for sure make you noticed by the crowd.

Evolv Menswear (13)

Evolv Menswear (14)

This stole makes your overall appearance look original.

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