Casual Men’s Clothing In DOCKERS® Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

I have already shared with you label's Dockers spring-summer 2015 men's collection lifestyle pictures. This time I want to share with you brand's product images. You are going to find here masculine, casual and everyday wardrobe staples that can be worn at work and parties. The following off-duty style garments are great for adventure lovers, who love quality and comfort. The next spring season comes with fresh colors, modern details and perfect shapes. Every piece looks awesome and very functional. There will be no problem for you to find something practical and effortlessly cool.

5 Pocket Stretch Twill (slim) 'Legion Blue' 47807-0003

Alpha Big Loom Madras SS Shirt (slim) 'Johnny Estate Blue' 68967-0002

Alpha Big Loom Madras SS Shirt (slim) 'Shad-Ceramic Blue' 68967-0003

Alpha Cargo (slim) 'Olive Moss' 47254-0010

Alpha Cargo (slim) 'Toasted Cardamom' 47254-0007

Alpha Khaki Colour (tapered slim) 'Tigerlily' 44715-0314

Alpha Khaki Finish (tapered slim) 'Hull-Aleutian-Navy Smoke' 44582-0255

Alpha Khaki Finish (tapered slim) 'Hull-Cerulean-Olympian Blue' 44582-0256

Alpha Khaki Heather -X-mas (tapered slim) 'Officers Blue Heather'  44715-0340

Alpha Khaki Mist Wash - X-Mas (tapered slim) 'Blue Dane' 47438-0005

Alpha Khaki Mist Wash X-Mas (tapered slim) 47438-0001

Alpha Khaki Mist Wash X-Mas (tapered slim) 'Ketchup' 47438-0003

Alpha Khaki Mist Wash X-Mas (tapered slim) 'Nightwatch Blue' 47438-0006

Alpha Khaki Travel (tapered slim) 'Chicory' 47540-0004

Alpha Khaki Travel (tapered slim) 'Light Buff' 47540-0003

Alpha Khaki Travel (tapered slim) 'Olive Moss' 47540-0001

Alpha Khaki Travel (tapered slim) 'Toasted Cardamom' 47540-0002

Alpha Knit Blazer (slim - double cloth jersey) 'Dress Blue Stripe' 95258-0003

Alpha Laundered Shirt - YD (slim) '67344-0007

Alpha Laundered Shirt - YD (slim) 'Jake - Estate Blue' 67344-0005

Alpha Laundered Shirt - YD (slim) 'Marv-Estate Blue' 67344-0006

Alpha Laundered Shirt - YD (slim) 'Scott - Olympian Blue' 67344-0004

Alpha Lightweight Twill (tapered slim) 'Blue Ribbon' 44715-0331

Alpha Lightweight Twill (tapered slim) 'Canton' 44715-0328

Alpha Lightweight Twill (tapered slim) 'Oatmeal' 44715-0326

Alpha Lightweight Twill (tapered slim) 'Sky Captain' 44715-0333

Alpha Neppy Chambray Short (slim) 'Neppy Chambrey' 37100-0073

Alpha Skinny All-Over Print (tapered skinny) 'Bogan B Mini Anchor Print - Nightwatch Blue-'  47122-0067

Alpha Skinny Stretch Twill (tapered skinny) 'Black' 47122-0070

Alpha Skinny Stretch Twill (tapered skinny) 'Concrete' 47122-0061

Alpha Skinny Stretch Twill (tapered skinny) 'Dynamic Blue' 47122-0058

Alpha Skinny Stretch Twill (tapered skinny) 'Ketchup' 47122-0059

Alpha Skinny Stretch Twill (tapered) 'Oatmeal' 47122-0062

Alpha Slouch Short (Slouch) 'Dawson A-Eclipse' 37114-0012

Alpha Slouch Skinny 'Silver Fern' 47125-0026

Alpha Travel Cargo (slouch skinny) 'Safari Beige' 47350-0001

Alpha Twill Short (slim) 'Chicory' 37100-0061

Alpha Twill Short (slim) 'Toasted Cardamom' 37100-0057

Alpha Twill Short 'Apple Green' 37100-0056

Atlee-Olypian Blue Alpha Dobby Shirt (slim) 67293-0002

Cargo Short (Relaxed) 'Urban Chic' 37112-0002

Crew Neck Striped Sweater (slim) 'Arlie Bisque Heather' 80676-0003

Crew-Neck Sweater (slim) 'Chuck-Olympian Blue' 80675-0002

Deluxe Chambray Shirt (classic) Roy-Real Indigo' 67299-0001

Dolf-Olypian Blue Alpha Dobby Shirt (slim) 67293-0004

Double Pleated Short (slouch) 'Blue Ribbon' 37119-0004

Garment Dye Twill Blazer 'Tobacco' 18829-0001

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